A Mom’s Guide to the 1st First Day of School



Backpacks. Lunchboxes. Pencils.
Highlighters. Rulers. Haircuts.
New Clothes.
In August, you’re one of two types of moms: the emotional, teary-eyed mom or the mom jumping up and down, thrilled for the routine of the school year.  Either way, in my opinion, it’s a day to celebrate you too.
So after you make your back-to-school sign and post your kid pics on Facebook, take a load off and have a little fun.  After speaking to several friends, I’ve come up with a list of “things to do” for moms on the first day of school.

IMG_17601. Boo Hoo/Yahoo Coffee:

After drop-off, parents from our neighborhood elementary school flood the local Starbucks to fuel up on caffeine and chat about the upcoming year.  Some years the coffee shop has even passed along a little discount to the group.  

2. Brunch/ Lunch:

I know several moms take the first day of school off from work in order to join in on First Day Brunch/Lunch.  We are currently organizing a brunch for Kindergarten Moms and the only request seems to be “mimosas, please.”  This meal is great to get to know the other moms at the school as well as sharing all the emotions of being a Kindergarten mom.

13700058_10108520371015064_2387214597267215447_n3. Spa Day:

I don’t know about you but I have a spa gift card that my husband gave me for Christmas. It’s now August. Even though spa days are my absolute favorite, it is borderline impossible to check out of mom life/work life for a couple of hours.  However, I think the First Day of School is a fabulous day to check out and go to the spa.  Momma, you’re about to live by an alarm clock, help with homework, taxi everyone to all their activities…today, you chill.

4. Appointments:

When I was asking friends what they did to celebrate the first day of school, one mom said, “I went to the gynecologist. By myself.” I almost spit out my coffee.  But in reality, how glamorous is it to be able to go to the dentist or hair dresser  BY YOURSELF?  It’s like a present from God.
So whether you are high-fiving other moms on the way out of school or holding back tears, do something for yourself. It’s going to be a great school year.
Any other 1st First Day of School ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


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