Mom-Friendly Workouts for Getting Back in the Groove


mom-friendly workouts

I started running in college. My exercise-induced asthma made me slow and my stride was not natural or graceful, but I loved it. When my husband and I were dating, I talked him into training for a half marathon with me. When I was pregnant with my first, I started swimming and taking Barre classes. After his birth, I was smaller and in better shape than I ever had been. Taking him for stroller jogs or the gym was a breeze and part of our routine. Fast-forward a few years and a few more babies and my workout time is sadly scarce.

With our last babies, twins, having crossed the one-year mark not long ago, I am resolving to make exercise a habit again in this new year! Whether you work, stay at home, have one child or five… I know it’s not easy. I’ve taken from my own experiences and polled some fit mom friends for inspiration – so, who’s with me?!


mom-friendly workouts
…and you can even walk your dog at the same time too!

My favorite way to get my heart rate up is in the fresh air. This is also one of the best ways to squeeze some exercise in with my kids right next to me! If you enjoy walking or jogging, a good jogging stroller may be just what you need to kick up your exercise consistency. My husband and I both love jogging with the BOB stroller and our kids actually enjoy it too. We pack them special snack packs for the ride and let them play DJ!

If you want a little alone time to go on a solo run (or have too many kids to all fit into one stroller, like me), here’s another idea:

Plan to run/walk right out the door when your husband gets home at night. A few times a week, I will text me husband that this is my plan. He literally walks in, gives me a kiss, and then I go run. It helps because then I get an instant break (during witching hour!) and he gets to really enjoy seeing the kids after a long day of work.

– Kacy M.

Inside at Home

Whether it’s during nap time or your child’s screen time, or you have the patience to press pause a million times every time your kids need something, there are so many great exercising resources online! One of my favorites is Jessica Smith TV. She has all different kinds of work-outs, from pre- and postnatal to yoga to power walking to Barre for FREE on YouTube.

Though I haven’t tried it myself, I have heard amazing things from many other moms about subscription workout services such as Beachbody on Demand, specifically the 21 Day Fix, that also includes meal plans!

Here’s a fun idea to try:

My fave to do with my kids is Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. It’s great when the kids are going wild in the house – it chills us all out. It’s free!

-Shannon S.

Inside at the Gym

Many gyms offer childcare options so that you can bring your kids with you and workout alone using their equipment or taking a class! Our family has a YMCA membership and it is truly fabulous! We use both the Semones Family (formerly Town North) and Lake Highlands locations. They both offer some great classes at a variety of different times, and the caregivers have always been super sweet and loving toward my children! The only downside is that the child care hours at the Y are somewhat limited and vary by location. Fun fact: the Semones Family Y childwatch area is getting remodeled around the beginning of 2020!

Join a Group

If you need some more accountability or just enjoy exercising with other people, you may want to consider joining a group fitness program such as Camp Gladiator. I just learned from an amazingly fit mom friend that you can bring your children with you to CG workouts:

I typically do an early morning one so I don’t have to worry about interfering with anyone else’s schedules, but so far (post-baby #4) I go to a mid-morning location on the days my bigs are in school (T/Th) and just bring the baby. I’ve also gone a few days with 3 kids and one day with all 4 – they exercised with me or played with chalk, ran around, ate snacks…

-Marni W.

Make a Plan

After you decide what location or type of exercise you want to start with, make a plan so that it will actually happen! Personally, I need a mix of both variety and consistency, so I have chosen a different workout for each day that I will repeat every week. I love coloring and making fun charts, so here is mine for the new year 🙂

Monday: Early AM run alone or with two kids in the BOB before hubby leaves for work.

Tuesday: 8:15am Barre class at Lake Highlands Y with twins while husband drops big boys off at school

Wednesday: Early AM run alone or with two kids in the BOB before hubby leaves for work

Thursday: AM swim laps at Semones Y and take shower while twins are in childwatch and big boys are at school

Friday: Yoga at home during nap/screen time or together with my kids

Saturday: Afternoon solo run or family walk/run

Sunday: Off

If any of you are in Preston Hollow and looking for a running buddy or want to come try a class at the Y with me, please give me a shout – I would LOVE for you to join me! After you’ve written down your plan, hang it up and ask your husband or a friend to encourage you to help make it a reality. Mama, we’ve totally got this!


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