Mom Confession :: I HATE Doing My Daughter’s Hair




There is generally one task that, as a mother, we all dislike doing. While there are many things I can pick from, I think my least favorite task is doing my daughters hair. I get that it looks pretty and really brings out her face, but in less than 2 hours it seems like I NEVER TOUCHED HER HAIR!!

See, this beautiful little girl of mine has this really thick, curly hair that crawls out of any ponytail that I make within minutes. For her hair to last any amount of time, the ponytails have to be close to the edges, and I have to use at least 7,031 products on it.  If that isn’t the worst part, I have to keep doing this every couple of nights so that she at least looks like someone loves her at home. I know, this is a normal parenting thing, but that is why God gave me a boy first; I wasn’t ready to do hair!!

But unfortunately, it is one of those things that we must do, so if you are a mom like me who hates doing hair here are my 3 favorite tips on making hair time a breeze:

Just add a headband – There is nothing cuter than a head full of hair wrapped up in a really cute headband that matches an outfit. Add a spray of oil so that it doesn’t look dry and fluff it with your hands or a brush and within 5 minutes, you are out of the door. Be creative with the headbands, I mean is there really such a thing as too many colors???


Do the hair while she sleeps – My daughter literally falls out whenever I touch her hair, so to avoid fighting with a one-year-old, I just wait until all her defenses are down and the sandman has sung his song. Then I whip out the hair brushes and prepare to try and figure out how many ponytails you plan to make that night.

Braids, Twist outs – My favorite styles on little girls include anything that lasts 4+ days and doesn’t require a lot of edge control or gel        on a little one’s hair. A nice twist out can last all week because you can leave it up the first 3 days, and then take it down the next few                  days. Braids allow you to get up and go, just keep a satin bonnet on hand and you are good to go.

So next time you’re tired, and you just want an easy way to keep your little girl looking like a …little girl. Try one of these tips and let me know if it takes the edge off of hating to do your daughter’s hair!

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Asia Bennett is a Texas native who received her Associate of Science in Biology from Midland College in Columbia, SC and she received both her Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, TX. Asia is an entrepreneur who owns both an event planning company, and a Baked GoodsCompany. Asia has an extensive background in the social services field, healthcare, and early childhood education but her love for helping others has kept her passion in the social work field. She is the mother of two beautiful children Garon, age 3 and Harlem, age 1, and wife of 10 years to Cedric. Even before becoming a mom, parenting has been ingrained in her soul, and she loves to just share her research, thoughts, opinions and much more when it comes to early childhood, and parenting. In her spare time, you can catch her baking, dancing, or at a baseball game/ gymnastics rehearsal with her kids.


  1. I love the tips, Asia! And your little girl–and her hair–are beautiful. I was a huge fan of the headbands too for my 3-year-old. I didn’t start doing ponytails on her until she was around 18 months, and even now, it has to be a special occasion for me to try to do any twists/braids on her now. Lol. Hang in there…you’re doing so well! She’s precious. ?

    • Hi Elan!!

      Thank you!! It is definitely a struggle, but I am constantly trying to improve her hair and my attitude about it lol!! I love headbands, but she pulls everything off of her head!!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence!! I will keep trying!!


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