Mom Confession: I Have AFV Syndrome


The scene is always set for the perfect storm- Dad holding the rope that controls the piñata, standing just a bit too close to an unsteady four year old that is blindfolded and was just spun around like a toy top.  This party guest starts his series of five attempts to hit the dangling Superman when the inevitable happens- Dad gets an unwelcome surprise to the family jewels.

While it was a shock to Dad, the viewers America’s Funniest Videos (or AFV as fans lovingly refer to it) knew what was coming.  AFV has been one of my favorite shows for as long as I can remember, and luckily with over two decades of episodes, there is always one I haven’t seen. With comedy gold like elderly people confusing a microphone for a telephone on wedding videos to kids sliding down a hill and flying into a snow bank, how could we not pass up the opportunity to spend some time relaxing and laughing with each other?

My daughter (and husband) thought it was so funny when I fell off the curb seven months pregnant. Thankfully, we were all laughing at my tumble.

So why the confession post? Well, I am ashamed to admit that all of the years I have spent watching America’s Funniest Videos has caused me to develop what I call AFV Syndrome, where I can’t help but laugh when someone trips, walks into a wall or bangs their head on a cabinet. Sometimes, even when it is my own kid who walked straight into a pole when they weren’t paying attention.

I feel like an absolutely terrible mother when my first reaction is to laugh when my kid’s legs go flailing in the air as she is learning to roller-skate, landing on her bum.

The only thing that makes me feel slightly better is that somehow my inner mom abilities can instantly tell when she has actually hurt herself – my daughter recently broke her arm and never once did the urge to chuckle make its presence known as I scooped her up and carried her to the car so we could head to the emergency room.

Thankfully, real injuries aren’t as common in my home but we do have a lot of opportunities for laughter.  Also, I happen to believe you reap what you sow and I see it happening in my home all the time – my daughters think it is so hilarious when I trip and fall over one of their toys laying on the ground. 

So mommas, tell me, am I the only terrible mother who laughs when their kid slides across wet tile with their little feet slipping beneath them?  


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