{microblog} This has been Hard, but Now I’m Embracing It



I have always loved being the type of mom who takes my kids to places. Museums, the library, the zoo, the store, the park. A daily outing was something that has kept me sane among the chaos of tiny humans.

Then last March the pandemic hit and there I was…at home with nowhere to go. Everything slowly shutting down with no end in sight.

For the first few days, we were fine but by the end of the week, we were itching for our old routine. It was a hard adjustment for everyone but honestly, I think it was the hardest on me. I realized that going places wasn’t about a change in scenery but it was about those small, friendly, daily interactions that filled my cup as a mom.

I missed chatting about new products with my checker at Trader Joe’s as they handed my kids stickers and a lollipop.

I missed talking to the local librarian about new books.

I missed making eye contact with a fellow parent at the park when I was struggling with a toddler meltdown. A look that conveyed that I wasn’t alone.

I found getting to the root of my daily desire for an out-of-house adventure was the first step to seeking a solution. Instead of chatting with another mom at the park, I was checking in more with friends via group texts. Because our schedule was cleared of playdates we went on nature walks and would stop to wave at neighbors from a distance.

I made more of an effort to have regularly planned phone calls with my sister so we could compare notes on our toddlers’ antics.

Most importantly I figured out something about myself that I’m not sure I would have if I hadn’t been put in this situation and because of that certain relationships have flourished.

Today I don’t find that I have that old insatiable desire to leave my house daily. I’ve filled my cup in other ways and honestly, I don’t mind the change in my daily routine or in myself.


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