{microblog} Reflections on a Strange, Virtual School Year


There have been some really beautiful moments this school year. Moments which only happened because the year has been so strange. I have been the happy recipient of thousands of “just because” hugs during the school day that I never would have gotten if it weren’t for this strange year. And I’ve been able to hear my children have aha moments I wouldn’t have been able to witness in person if they weren’t in virtual school. 

We adapted together. We had to change and roll with unexpected, from turning our dining room into our classroom to finding the joy of barefoot outdoor virtual PE class. We adjusted to new daily routines and then adjusted again when schedules had to shift.

We grew together. We discovered so many new favorite recipes. My picky eater expanded his diet. We grew plants from seeds and were able to really appreciate their daily growth. And when our seedlings got too big, we started a small vegetable garden. We watch the birds build nests in old birdhouses we didn’t even know the birds still used. 

We persevered together. We can do hard things. And some things aren’t as intimidating as they seem at first – things like riding without training wheels or baking bread from scratch or learning to swim. It was a year without drop-offs, pick-up lines, class parties, or field trips. But I’ve had the joy of hearing our amazing teachers guide their students with love, patience, kindness, and encouragement.

And as I reflect on this strange school year, I feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude for how we got through it together, even on the days when we felt like we couldn’t take any more changes. 



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