{microblog} Mom Mentors


Let’s chat about mom mentors…Motherhood has many challenges from anxiety in parenting to struggles in marriage. The last thing we need is judgmental advice from someone who is simply trying to hang their hat on a pedestal.

So, take that person out of this category.

A mom mentor is influential, seasoned with experiences, and clothed in dignity. Her kids are somewhat older and her patience in marriage speaks volumes.

Find her and glean from her!

Ladies, this momma knows a thing or two and she isn’t afraid to tell you about how she struggled and how she made it through.

Her laughter is healing, and her smile speaks life!

She is intentional and purposeful.

This mom will probably know your to-do list better than you do and she can give tons of tips and tricks on how to accomplish it all.

Listen, we all need this!!! Someone a little further on the “mom” journey.

A supportive and resourceful momma, who is willing to guide you on parenting and marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, books are great, and you can learn so much from moms who have written about topics in motherhood, life, and marriage.

There is nothing like the wisdom and clarity that comes from wise women walking the road you are on, especially if they have reached the destination that you are striving for.

As iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another.



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