Maternity Photos

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I have to brag on one of my best friends right now. She is an amazing photographer and even better friend. I didn’t have professional maternity photos taken the last pregnancy, and I wasn’t planning on getting any with this one. Well just for fun, we got together and snapped a few photos doing what I do everyday. What I love about these photos is that they aren’t just some fancy-shmancy shots of myself and my growing belly, but they are beautiful images that completely capture my life right now. These are my days. This is everything I want to remember about his time in my life, and I’m so thankful she was able to document them.

Mommy and Baby Photography Dallas

Hop on over to Kate’s blog to see more of our little maternity session. I am so glad she didn’t let me deliver this baby before capturing these sweet moments. Moral of the story: don’t think you don’t need amazing photos of special times in your life….life changes so quickly and you will be thankful you got to document those sweet memories.




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