Major Mom Lesson #1


Being a new mom opens up a whole new world, one with an overwhelming number of options. Before my baby was born I eagerly researched strollers, then cribs, then car seats, then high chairs. After my baby was born, I realized I also should have researched breast pumps, bottles, pacifiers, baby food and the list goes on and on.

But now my baby is almost 5 months old and my time is much more precious. When she’s awake, I want to be with her and when she’s asleep, many chores await me. I just don’t have the time to scour the internet for product reviews anymore. I now find that I’m content reading a few reviews on Amazon, paying more attention to cost and quickly making a decision.

Recently, I needed some bottles and found myself glassy-eyed on the bottle aisle in Target. Marketing terms like “most like mom’s nipple,” “anti-colic,” “reduces gas,” and “Doctor’s #1 Choice” were swirling through my brain. I finally snapped out of it, realized all those bottles had to meet numerous safety requirements or they wouldn’t even be in the store, found one with a standard-fitting top, grabbed it and checked-out.

I’m finally realizing what all moms eventually learn- that it takes a lot more than the wrong bottle, or non-organic sheets, or generic-brand baby food to damage a child.

Here’s to Major Mom Lesson #1…




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