Llama Birthday Party? No ProbLLAMA


llama party ideasHere’s how we throw a probllama-free llama birthday party.

My daughter is turning 10 this fall (November, to be specific). First, she asked for a party in August. She has wanted a water-activity party for several years, but I always have to tell her no since you never know what the weather will be like in October/November.

So here we are, throwing a party for a 9 3/4-year-old in August…three months before her actual birthday.

She gets the water slide, she gets the trampoline sprinkler water park, she gets the Slip ‘N Slide, and she gets to invite the whole world. (I am also big on not leaving people out, but that’s for another day).

She also wants a LLAMA birthday party.

Um. Ok. Last year the theme was Halloween cats. The year before it was Halloween. The year before that, it was purple. But Llamas…is that even a doable party theme?

Turns out, it is! This llama party planning has been so fun! And it’s taken minimal effort.

First, we got our plates and birthday banner.

llama party garland and plates
The plates and garland were the first things I bought, and I tried to plan the rest around that.

Then we stacked our cups in a fun color sequence—it makes them stand out more!

llama party cups
Sort the cups so there is a fun color pattern.

We found these llama sprinkles for the cupcakes at Walmart, and I ordered these cute llama molds from Amazon to make little llama and cactus melts for cupcake toppers. I used pink, neon green, teal, white confetti, and orange. (I made these in advance and layered them in a container to keep until I’m ready—I’m nothing if not a planner. I like to prep everything in advance for an easy day. Any extras, we’ll put in a bowl for people to eat.)

cute llama sprinkles
llama melts
llama candy melts molds

We are serving Chick-fil-A nuggets. I am a signature member (yes, we eat there A LOT, after every cheer practice and at least a few times a month as a family), so I get the trays with my points I’ve saved up.

Finally, we have our goodie bags. I found these llama keychains that come with a bag and a thank you card already! I added a sucker and a little thing of bubbles. I also grabbed some llama stickers and put one at the back, facing out. We put it all together and put them in cute little buckets from Dollar Tree. Am I the only one with a cute little bucket obsession?

llama birthday party stickers
We had so much fun digging through all the stickers.
Llama birthday party keychain and thank you card
This is the front of the goodie bag
llama party favors
Who doesn’t love a cute bucket? Party favors went in here!

We are officially ready for her birthday! I created the event on Facebook, then created a paper copy from Etsy, and Walmart printed them for me for 7 cents each.

This was a fun and easy and cheap birthday party theme, and I am here. for. it.

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Jennifer Sanders
Jen was born and raised in the DFW metroplex. She now lives in Rockwall on a family "compound" with her husband and nine-year-old daughter (nine going on 18!). Her parents and brother's family live on the same patch of land. They have had cows and chickens (and dogs, cats, hamsters, and fish). Jen graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with her master's in counseling and almost finished her doctorate in educational leadership. She has worked at a school counselor for all levels and in the special education world. She now works from home with an online school in the state testing department—it's the best of both worlds! When she's not driving her daughter to all-star cheer, sideline cheer, or Girl Scouts, she's saying YES! to something. There's not much spare time left, but she likes to spend it cooking, buying crafting supplies, planning things months in advance, reading, coaching her daughter's sideline team, serving on the PTA, listening to Christmas music year-round, and Starbucks.


  1. You are definitely a plan way in advance person! It’s going to be a super cute party! Love the colorful cups!


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