Sports Mom Life: What You Need to Know


A mom throws a baseball to her son at bat.I’m that mom. The prepared sports mom. You need something? I probably have it. On any given day of the week, you will find me taking kids to practice or games, stuffing bags full of equipment or refilling water bottles.  I’m up cheering at every game, jumping around, wearing cute Mom shirts and volunteering for all of it. Here are the top things you need to know when you become a sports mom! 

What to Carry in Your Sports Bag

  • First thing you will need is a bag. This is my current baseball bag and I love how roomy it is!  I like this bag as well. It has tons of pockets, including a ventilated mesh space for laundry or shoes.
  • Snacks are a necessity no matter what sport. Be prepared to feed yourself, your family, teammates, and don’t forget meals for your player if you’re at an all-day event. We love Chomps meat sticks and protein bars.
  • If you have multiple kids with you, you might need things to keep them occupied during games. We bring the iPad, outdoor toys, books, and sometimes homework!
  • Other important items to pack: chairs, blankets, wipes of all kinds, first aid kit, stat book to keep up with your kid’s stats, sunblock, bug spray, sunglasses, and a collapsible wagon to carry it all in!

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The Things to Expect and Remember 

  • As soon as we get practice and game schedules, I add them to our family calendar. That way, we all know what is going on that week. Let’s just say, if it isn’t on the family calendar, it isn’t going to happen!
  • Planning your summer vacation? Me too, as soon as we get all of our sports schedules. This summer, we’re actually traveling to Florida for the World Series tournament.
  • Laundry can be your friend or foe. I usually do laundry on Wednesday and Saturday, but sometimes you might have to throw another load in there! White baseball pants have been my biggest nemesis so far, but with the right mixture of cleaning products, you can get them white again! The worst thing I have smelled is a baseball hat…ugh!!
  • I think it is important to get to know the other parents on your teams. You are going to spend a lot of time with these people so why not make new friends? Plus, you never know when you might need help with transportation or scheduling!

A woman looks at a towel she just pulled from the washing machine.How to Be a Helpful Sports Mom

As a sports mom, there are tons of ways you can help out, and I’ve done them all! Depending on the age of your athlete, the jobs will vary in sizes and responsibilities. 

  • With younger kids, teams need team moms to help with paperwork, uniforms, etc. This person needs to be a good communicator.
  • In baseball, we have even used moms in the dugout to keep kids on task and ready to roll when needed. This mom is not afraid of a challenge!
  • Snack mom usually assigns parents to snacks each week and keeps up with that schedule. Be prepared to fill in when someone forgets or gets sick.
  • I’ve personally been trained to be the scorekeeper for baseball and basketball and I love to do it! You have to keep a close eye on the game so if you’re easily distracted, this might not be for you.
  • One of my favorite things to do as a sports mom is coach my kids! So far, I have coached soccer and basketball. It has been quite an experience! I have learned so much about myself and my kids coaching them and I hope they remember all the fun times we have together.

I’m definitely one of my boys’s biggest fans and they sure know it! I love that I can share my love of sports with them and watch them grow as people along the way. If you need me, I’ll be at the ball fields! 



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