little black {mom} dress


Everyone has a little black dress, right?

It’s an essential for every woman’s wardrobe.  The little black dress can be dressed up or dressed down for just about any occasion.  It can be worn to weddings, special occasions, evening events, and it can be dressed down for work, church, or a Mom’s night.   However, I have found that your typical little black dress doesn’t really work for my normal stay-at-home-mom kind of day.

Let me introduce you to the little black {mom} dress.


I got this stretchy knit maxi dress at Charming Charlie’s for $30 and it has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.  Because I don’t have the patience to shop with my 3 yr old and infant, I have mixed and matched my little black {mom} dress with a few different staples that I already had in my closet.  This way, I can wear my little black {mom} dress all year long and it will look different each time.

Take a look at all my different looks and see what you can come up with in your closet.

 Do you have an infinite scarf?


How about a denim vest?


What about a short sleeve cardigan and scarf?


Everybody’s got a chambray shirt, right?


Want it to look like a skirt?  Just put a top over it and add a chunky necklace.


And for one last look add a long sleeve cardigan and scarf.


All of these looks are perfect for a lunch date with the hubby and kids, a playdate, a pediatrician appointment, bible study, or running errands.


Now this is what I call the perfect little black dress. It didn’t cost me a fortune to have seven different looks, plus I feel put together and I’m just as comfortable as I would be in my yoga pants and a tank!!


  1. Yikes! This post exposes how not Dallas I am. The only accessory of all those shown with the little black that I own is a shirt to pull over and make it a skirt.
    I guess I need to do A LOT of shopping this fall.

  2. Love these ideas! I have a similar dress from the Nordstrom junior dept that I got for $38 and I’m pumped to have new ways to wear it, especially as we transition into fall!

  3. Wow! You have really created so many looks for the day. And that dress could be a hit too at a more formal event. I will probably do the same with a knee length black dress for day wear. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m clearing out my smallish walk in closet so that I can make it my War Room like in the movie. I have another smaller hall closet 10 feet away, so It is doable. Work life makes it a bit of a challenge, but I just got rid of over 65 pieces with the help of my amazing sisters. Getting there.


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