Energy Costs are Rising – Let Energy Ogre help Ensure You Have the Best Rate!

**This post has been sponsored by Energy Ogre to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

The heat is on… did that come fast for anyone else? It is that time of year where the temps go up and so will your electric bill. Unfortunately, energy costs are also expected to rise about 20% this year in addition to the extra usage for the summer months.  Energy costs typically rise during the summer, but this year has brought on some additional factors. Energy Ogre CEO, Jesson Bradshaw, credits the closing of two major power plants recently, which means there is less capacity to power the increasing demand during the hotter temps.

Now that the providers in the market have tightened, we are all left vulnerable to extremely high bills based on variable or gimmicky rates. You are generally more susceptible to rate swings on month-to-month plans.

Besides considering a fixed rate plan, there are several other factors to consider. Turning down the temperature setting on your water heater could help reduce you energy usage. Also, pool owners can examine their need to run pool pumps for several hours a day.

Sure, we can all cut back on little things here and there to reduce our overall energy usage – not just to keep our bills as low as we can but also to be good stewards of our earth and environment. But what happens when we do all we can but we aren’t sure if we are being treated fairly by our energy company?


Energy OgreEnergy Ogre is a technology company that helps ensure Texans are in the most cost-effective plan specific to their unique usage profile. For $10 per month, they will shop out your current electricity rate to see if they can find you savings in any way. Energy Ogre members average over 40% savings within their first year alone.

Once the initial savings is found, however, Energy Ogre doesn’t just stop there. They are constantly shopping your rate to make sure you always have the best available. Each time a contract period ends, you will receive a notice from Energy Ogre directly letting you know that they are taking care of getting your next rate locked in. They are energy company agnostic, so it is highly likely that you will change energy providers each time your contract period ends.

Their service model is even more convenient than always shopping out new low rates and setting up your service. They go the extra mile to setup the automatic billing with each change, with little to no effort from you as the consumer.

My husband and I have been customers for almost 2 years, and I have put my membership with Energy Ogre on the same level of importance as my Amazon Prime membership. I am confident that we are being good stewards of our energy usage by making small changes at home, but also good stewards of our money by working with Energy Ogre to ensure we are paying the most competitive rates available to us.

Don’t delay – your energy bill is just going up from here. Hire Energy Ogre today to start saving some serious cash!

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