Learning Letter Sounds with Kinesthetic Motions {+ Free Printable}


My son started showing an interest in letters at a very young age. While he was interested I wanted to jump at the opportunity to teach him his letters and sounds as they are the foundation of learning. Once he had mastered recognizing all of his letters, I knew we were ready to move on to learning the sounds.  When it came to learning his sounds I used kinesthetic motions to go along with each sound.  I used these motions to help teach my Kindergarten kiddos, so I knew that they were tried and true.  


A kinesthetic learner is also known as a tactile learner, a hands-on learner or a do-er.  Most young children learn best while “doing”. When you put a motion with each sound they have something tangible to go with the sound of the letter and the visual of the letter.

When your child gets stumped on a letter sound you can use the kinesthetic motion (without saying the sound) as a clue to help them jog their memory as to what the sound is.

Make these movements while saying the letter sounds.  

A – Cry like a baby

B – Bouncing a ball

C – Snip fingers like you are cutting

D – Digging dirt

E – Hand by ear like can’t hear

F – Fish fins near face

G – Motion like drinking from a cup (gulping)

H – Feel breath on hand

I – itching

J – Jump up

K – Kick

L – Lick a lollipop

M – Rub tummy (yummmy)

N – Point pointer like you are saying “No”

O – Opera voice with hand clasped like an Opera Singer

P – Push outwards with hands

Q – Hand makes quacking motion

R – Pirate noise similar to “argh” with pointer finger in a hook

S – Move hands like snake

T – 1 finger moves back and forth like Tick-Tock

U – Punch (lightly) in the stomach

V – Vroom Vroom on a motorcycle

W – Wiggle 3 fingers

X – Opening a coke can

Y – Scrunch nose and make a “yucky” face

Z – Move hand like zipping a jacket


Print our FREE Kinesthetic Motions Sheet here!


  1. Thank you for this resource! I’ve been teaching KDG and have struggled with the Q! I searched online and your list came up right away! Love the quacking motion!Thank you!

  2. I used to show your video for the kinesthetic letter motions in my class daily. I can’t find the video anymore. Is there a way you can send me the video?

    • Hi Alicia! Thank you for letting us know that this video had disappeared from our website. We’ve been able to reupload it and you can once again view it.


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