Keep the Spirit Alive During Your Socially Distanced Holiday


We’ve spent so much time at home this year. Every day feels like Groundhog Day. Some days look the same as the day before. But I want this socially distanced holiday to stand out for my kids and be more memorable than every other day.

Here’s how I’m making our socially distanced holiday look different than our everyday.

  1. Take a cue from Marie Kondo and The Home Edit. Make it pretty. I’m partial to rainbows but you do you. Based on my social media feeds, I believe all of you already decorated for the winter holidays before the Halloween candy was gone. I love it. Put up that Thanksgiving Tree, keep it for Christmas and maybe stretch that twinkling joy all the way to Valentine’s Day. If it’s beautiful and adds hope and cheer, keep it. We need all the twinkling joy these days!
  2. Treat your senses. If you can’t have the usual family and friend gatherings, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep some of the traditions or your favorite holiday food. Call your grandma and ask her how she’s doing. Then ask her for her fudge recipe and place a grocery order. Make some apple cider or hot cocoa and serve it in festive mugs. Teach the kids to make latkes or string some popcorn to decorate the mantel.
  3. Cozy up. Arguably the best thing about being a hermit during the holidays is living in your comfiest clothes. Hello, favorite fuzzy sweatpants and unicorn slippers. Y’all know I fully support a comfy NYE.
  4. Let your children experience the magic without all the pressure on you. Why wait in line for hours to meet a mall Santa with squirmy little ones? Write him a letter or have a virtual visit. What could be more 2020 than that? Build gingerbread houses together. Pro tip: Get the mini-village kit from Target and for the same price you’ll have four houses to decorate rather than one big one. Teach your children about other winter celebrations. Learn about the way others celebrate. Find a new recipe to make together.
  5. Remember why these celebrations and traditions are meaningful for you. Think about what you’re missing and be open to making new traditions. Maybe your new winter tradition will be hot cocoa with marshmallows and holiday movies on Saturdays. Or maybe your family is going to try all the crazy candy cane flavors you can find. We have an opportunity to make so many meaningful micro-moments this holiday season. Our traditions won’t disappear. They may look a little different this year but it is up to us to keep the spirit of the holiday season

How are you keeping the spirit alive this holiday season?


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