I Keep Saying I’m Gonna to Lose These Last 10 Lbs, But What if I Just Embrace Them


I still have those last 10 (on a good day) to 15/19 lbs of baby weight I’m trying to lose.  Which doesn’t really count as baby weight anymore when your littlest one is almost 4.  I guess chips and queso weight is what I will lovingly name it at this point.  But I digress…

I just keep thinking about all the amazing things I’m going to do when I finally lose that weight.  Rock that mom one piece at the pool with confidence.  Fit back into those jeans in the back of the closet.  Stop sucking in all the time. 

But sometimes (usually while eating my weight in chips and quac) I daydream about just embracing these last 18 lbs.  What would my life be like if I just accepted them…

  1. I’d have so much more space in my closet for new clothes!  I dedicate so much space to pants that used to fit and shirts that looked better on me 14 lbs ago.  But just think, if I cleaned out all those out-of-fashion items, I’d be able to fit so many new clothes in there!
  2. I’d fill that closet with jeans that fit.  I hate hiking up my pants all day.  But since I have about a 4 pants size range in my closet – it’s impossible to put on pants that fit in the morning.  So I’m stuck either unbuttoning them to stop them from digging into me or hiking them up because they are a tad to big. 
  3. I’d work out to feel good, not lose weight.  When losing weight is the goal, working out can become disheartening.  When the scale just doesn’t move not even a well meaning “I’m sure you just gained muscle this week” can make you feel better.  And like Carrie Bradshaw – I can’t help but wonder, what would working out just to feel good be like?!  My guess, wonderful!
  4. I’d never do another juice cleans again.  I have a love/hate relationship with juice cleanses.  I love the idea of them.  Hate doing them.  If I just embraced these extra 16 lbs, I would never do another juice cleanse again. 
  5. I’d never do another fad diet again.  Much like the juice cleanses – fad diets just don’t work.  But they promise so much and those promises fill my mind with dreams about bikinis that I’m never going to buy.  Why do I do that to myself?  For a measly 13 lbs?  Doesn’t even seem worth it!
  6. I’d provide a positive body image for my daughter and son.  I want my children to grow up with healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.  However, I do not want them to obsess about weight and some ideal body shape.  I want them to know that all different shapes are great and squishy bellies can be awesome!

Truth be told, I’m a work in progress.  Most days I accept that these last 12 lbs are here to stay and it’s okay.  Sometimes I have a bad week/weeks and those 12 lbs turn into more and I beat myself up.  But I’m going to try to cut myself some slack.  Especially this bathing suit season.  The benefits are right in front of me!  And so is that margarita to go with these chips!  Who’s with me?


  1. I am all about learning to embrace your body! For me, it’s been a looong journey, but it’s finally become more about being healthy than being a certain size or weight (especially as the mom of two very observant little ladies). I have a great health community that keeps me on track when I lose sight of this too. Keep going–you’re on the right track!


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