The Joy of Involved Grandparents


Grandparents dayI have been close to my parents my whole life, minus a couple months (years) during high school when I was a little more of a selfish teenager. Outside of that, I have always wanted to be near them, travel with them, go home on the weekends, and have them come visit me every chance I could get. They are the two most fun parents I have ever been around – and they’re mine! Naturally, I couldn’t wait for them to become grandparents. After a couple years of trying to give them that beloved first grandchild, it finally happened. I had imagined telling them the news for a long time, and that moment definitely lived up to the hype I had built up in my head.

Fast forward to one crazy two year old later, and I can honestly say that watching my parents become grandparents has been one of the greatest joys of my life. As great of parents that I have, my son has an even better set of grandparents. They have made an enormous effort to be involved in his life from day 1, even though they live 100 miles away, and we really covet the time we have with them on our weekends together… which is often! We have the blessing of having very involved grandparents in our son’s life, and we couldn’t be happier! There are many amazing things about having grandparents who are always around, but these are at the top of my list:

They are always willing to babysit – for free!
This one is obviously the top of the list. My mom even comes during the week sometimes JUST to get her grandson fix. My husband & I feel like we can ask for a weekend alone when we need it or want to go out of town for something that isn’t necessarily kid-friendly. We try not to take advantage of this, and we have even been given weekends alone without even asking. 

They are big supporters of our parenting
Let’s be honest, questioning your own parenting style can be easy to do, but when you have grandparents around to see you in action, it can be reassuring when they lend you their support. My parents have frequently complimented the things we do when raising our son. They are quick to reassure us when we aren’t necessarily 100% positive that what we are doing is working. They offer their suggestions at the exact right times, and they do not overstep their boundaries. Bonus – they actually listen to our wishes and comply with them, even if they lean towards ridiculous.

They are investing in our son’s future
Neither my husband nor I have come from wealthy backgrounds. We knew early on that we would probably be able to afford our children with more opportunities and be able to invest in them financially more than our parents could. Even so, my parents have made it a priority to put aside money for the future of their grandchildren. They still love to spoil him with gifts and experiences, but they make contributions to a savings account for him at important milestones in his life. They know that one day he will be blessed by their contributions over the years OR that we, as his parents, will be able to feel at ease when large purchases start to pop up. 

They are giving our son memories that I had growing up
My son is obsessed with his grandparents, much like I was growing up. I feared that he would not have that since we do not live in the same city as any of his grandparents. Having involved grandparents has eliminated that fear for me. I know that our son will look back at memories with my parents like I do with my grandparents. He will grow up remembering that he felt loved and cared for every moment he was with them. He will look back and remember that his Papaw taught him all about 18-wheeler trucks, race cars, and how to take good care of animals. He will remember that his Grandmommy was obsessed with kissing him and loved to just sit and hold his hand. He will remember that each of them would sacrifice anything they had just to spend 5 minutes with him. He’ll recount countless wagon rides at the Ponderosa and the endless hours in the huge play fort that Papaw built with his own hands. Most of all, I believe he will remember that he came from a legacy of a loving family, which will hopefully translate into him being a loving husband, father, and grandfather one day.

I have said it before about my relationship with my husband, but the same rings true about my relationship with my parents: having the bond of a child in our family has changed and increased the love between us like I didn’t think was possible. I thought I was as bonded to my parents as I could have ever been, but now that we have this little one in our midst, my feelings toward them has deepened even further. I was right to hype up telling my parents they were going to be grandparents. It truly has been the best news we’ve ever shared!

Personal Note:
To my amazing parents, I love you both so very much. I know that Dad is probably having a very hard time reading this through the tears he’s likely shedding. I want you guys to know that the course of my life was set in the right direction because of your great love and support. I am so thankful to be able to celebrate you guys this grandparents day and for every grandparents day for the rest of your lives. Thank you for being as obsessed with my son as he is with you. Love, Megan


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