It’s Okay to Be Nosy with Tykester! A New Tool for Working Parents {Sponsored}

This post was sponsored by Tykester; an online app created for and by a mom! If your children attend child care, continue reading about this new parent app and why you’ll want to download it while it’s free!

“Staying Connected is a Breeze” with Tykester

Being a working parent is tough!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Staying at home and being “Mom” has it’s own unique challenges, but as a person who is teetering on the line of being a stay-at-home mom and working from home, I can only imagine the difficulties (and juggling) working parents must face. We all have the challenge of daily household responsibilities, but for the most part, I can fit my schedule into my children’s.

Breakfast is at 8AM. Lunch is at noon. Naptime is at 2PM. Dinner is on the table some time around 6:30PM. I base my daily schedule on my child’s schedule to make sure we’re at home during these key times simply so my day goes a little smoother. On days when we have to be a little flexible, it’s not a big deal, but it can throw our routine a little off.

Now that I have an (almost) 2 & (almost) 4 year old it’s not the end of the world for our days to look a little different, but looking back to when my boys were babies, those schedules were the key to survival.

If nap times weren’t on time, then bedtime would also be off and would mean less sleep for me between nursing sessions. If a bottle was given by a grandparent when I had planned to nurse, that meant I had to drag out the pump and carefully calculate feeding times for the rest of the day. And let’s not forget those times when I thought Dad had changed a diaper and Dad thought I had changed the diaper, resulting in an enormously full, leaky diaper leaking all over your freshly washed clothes.

After having numerous conversations with my working friends, I can’t imagine the complexities involved when a working parent picks up their child each evening, and then attempts (and often achieves) to maintain a normal routine from child care to home. All the questions that have to be remembered to ask when children can’t answer for themselves, “When was their last bottle?” “What time did they go down for a nap?” “When did they use the potty last?”

It was this same situation that finally lead Megan Friedman of Gannett Healthcare Group to brainstorm with her colleagues on a better solution! Tykester was born.



photo[1] (1)What is the Tykester App?

Tykester is a FREE app (& website) developed for Android and iPhone that allows you to stay connected to your child and their providers in real time. Using Push Notifications, you can glance down at your phone and see updates without having to login to a website or check your texts.

When you’re ready to see the details, a simple push of a button on your notification will take you to a more detailed report of your child’s activities.

Get up-to-the-minute updates on your child’s activities like their feeding, sleep, and potty schedules and how they’re feeling and behaving. Care takers can even send quick photos to share those moments you don’t want to miss!

You control who can provide updates and you can also control what type of updates you receive. (For example, you may not need to know when your child went down for a nap, but it’s important to know when they were fed.) 

No Subscription Fees. No Monthly Fees. It’s FREE for you to use! 

Have multiple children? No problem! Tykester allows you to easily use the same login for all your children. View them all in one place without having to change in and out of accounts.

How Does Tykester Work?

Tykescreen2 (1)1) Start by downloading Tykester from your app retailer. Here, we’ll make it simple:

Download Here from Google Play for Android. 

Download Here from iTunes for iPhone. 

2) Then register with your very basic info. (To keep information as secure as possible.) 

3) Start a new profile using an upload your favorite photo for your child(ren) (or take one within the app).

4) Tykester will supply you with a “connection code” on your child’s profile. You will share this code with caregivers and family of your choice by sending a connection invitation.

5) Start logging in daily activities. Those with whom you’ve shared your child’s code can see the updates. You can easily log sleep, food and potty schedules as well as share any fun updates and photos with the What’s Up button.

Busy parents can see a quick list of the most current entries, or see a complete list of the day/week/month’s activities on the timeline.

For a Limited Time . . .

As I mentioned, downloading the Tykester app is currently free, but only for a limited time! Whether you’re a busy working parent, military parent, or just a grandparent trying to stay connected, make sure to share this app with others and take advantage of this free online tool.

Do you have any tips for making that transition from child care to home easier?

Share in the comments!


**Disclosure: This was a sponsored post from Tykester which we felt would be a benefit to parents. All opinions are 100% my own. 



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