I’m pregnant again, but this time something is different


Like most mothers, my life completely changed after my first child was born.

Five years later and with a third boy on his way, I seldom have the luxury to sit down, eat a meal, sleep, or even go to the bathroom by myself.

But while day-to-day life seems hectic and full, the pregnancies themselves have become remarkably easier. So for all you first time mothers out there…here is what to expect when you’re expecting your third child. You’re welcome!







When do I tell people I’m pregnant?

First Baby Third Baby
Facebook post, emails, text messages all with a picture of the positive pregnancy test with lots of “!!!!!!!!!!!” Shoot, how long do you think we can keep this a secret so I can have fun at the Christmas party?

What should I name the baby?

First Baby Third Baby
Excel spreadsheet with first and middle options with different combinations and a rating system with countless in depth conversations and input from family members. I’ll be lucky if this baby has a name by the time we leave the hospital. “What was that backup name for the last one? Could we use that?”


Can I eat sushi?

First Baby Third Baby
I avoided it completely. I couldn’t possibly eat something that could endanger the well-being of my unborn child.  I don’t think I can get enough raw fish into my diet. Hey, if the Japanese do it, what’s the problem?

When are you due?

First Baby Third Baby
My exact due date followed by the fact that “I am 6 weeks, 2 days and 9 hours along and the baby is currently the size of a lime.” “due for what?” — because I completely forget about the fact that I am pregnant.

Documenting the bump album

First Baby Third Baby
Every week “hehe I’m so big” caption.


Umm do I even look pregnant?  I am only 6 months…I’ll get to it eventually. 

Setting up the nursery

First Baby Third Baby
I did a gorgeous nursery for my first – perfectly themed and matched. Seriously? They only thing the kid needs is a pack-n-play, car seat, diapers, wipes and a boob.

Maternity clothes

First Baby Third Baby
Bought months in advanced and worn at the very fist sign of a bump All maternity clothes donated and down to leggings and long flowy shirts – such a rip off!

Sanitizing and Washing

First Baby Third Baby
You wash, sanitize and sterilize every little thing separately with non-toxic / organic / hypoallergenic solutions You’re basically down to spit and baby wipes for sanitizing and as for washing — just throw it in with the rest.


First Baby Third Baby
Watched the business of being born, read every book possible and still couldn’t imagine how a human could come out of my vagina — how in the world could my vagina do that? No prep — my vagina can do anything!

 Ultrasound reaction

First Baby Third Baby
Brought tears to my eyes immediately at the sign of a beating heart and the blessing of life. Brought tears to my eyes immediately at the sign of a beating heart and the blessing of life.


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Lindsey is a Cajun girl born and raised in New Orleans turned savvy New Yorker who worked for The New York Times and New York Magazine before moving to Dallas to start a family in 2011. She is an avid traveler and has traveled to over 30 countries and prides herself on her passport stamps. After becoming very ill on one of her travels she discovered her new passion of holistic health and wellness which led to her natural parenting approach. She lives in Lake Highlands with her husband, Steve, their two boys, Walker and Fulton and their Pitt mixes, Luna and Jockamo.


  1. This was exactly us with our 1st compared to our 4th. I had the spreadsheets of names. I cut out the combinations of names and we went thru each one and made yes no and maybe piles. For the 4th, we tried that like 2 wks before he was born n didnt like anything. I almost took a pregnant friends baby name. Lol

    We didnt tell anyone i was pregnant til i was 5 months along. Some of my husbands coworkers were confused as to why he suddenly took a week off work. They had no clue.

    I knew i could totally birth him but i knew exactly how much it was gonna hurt. Luckiky i felt fine up until the begining of my labor pains. Didnt really feel pregnant. I was at work breathing thru the contractions, determined to not go to the hospital for a false alarm. Lol


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