If It Fits Well AND Looks Great It Must Be Ruby Ribbon

Dallas Moms Blog has partnered with Ruby Ribbon independent consultant Lasca Weiss in order to provide a review of Ruby Ribbon clothing.  We were provided with clothing at no cost in exchange for our honest opinion. 

When I agreed to explore the Ruby Ribbon line of shapewear and clothing I had no idea what to expect. The name is not readily known around town…yet.  That’s about to change because this company is poised to explode onto the DFW scene.  In fact, DFW is currently their fastest growing market, and with good reason.  This company not only knows exactly what women need and want in shapewear, but they also deliver some of the best fitting, prettiest clothing items I’ve seen.

As the first Ruby Ribbon stylist in Dallas, Lasca Weiss has witnessed and participated in the company’s growth in our area firsthand.  I met with her for a personal introduction to the line so I could share my honest review with Dallas Moms Blog readers.  I think it says a lot about her personality and professionalism that shortly after meeting her for the first time I felt totally comfortable stripping to undergarments and letting her adjust a cami or help me remove a dress.

Lasca is one of hundreds of independent stylists who are introducing women to Ruby Ribbon through trunk shows in ladies’ homes and directly meeting customer’s needs through one on one fittings.  I had a blast trying on clothing with Lasca and can only imagine how much more fun it would have been to have my girlfriends and co workers there plus some wine and snacks!

sheercollection-fullsupportcami_plum_frontI started with a few basic shapewear pieces and fell in love with Ruby Ribbon’s number one seller: the cami.  There are several different designs in an array of colors and patterns in sizes up to 46G, and all the camis deliver the same great feeling material that smooths and lifts (therefore eliminating the need for a bra.)

Anna Zornosa founded the company in 2012 with a goal of creating shapewear that is functional, comfortable, and lovely.  That’s a tall order.  But these camis really do meet all three criteria.  Many details contribute to their success like 360 degree stretchable fabric with variable compression and memory that adjusts to the wearer’s body, non slip material around the bottom of pieces to prevent any riding up, and moisture wicking fabric.  I felt slim, trim, and confident in the cami without feeling restricted.

It was a good thing Lasca was there to guide me.  I didn’t even know how to put on a cami properly until she explained how to step into it then pull it up.  In my opinion, that personal attention and service is another aspect that puts Ruby Ribbon ahead of local department stores.  I not only got to try everything on in a relaxed home setting, but I had a personal stylist helping me figure out what fit best, what sizes I needed, and how to adjust everything.

Once I had a great fitting cami on, I proceeded to try dozens of pieces from the clothing line.  Some of the clothing has shapewear included as a layer like these denim leggings that include a 5″ skinny band at the waist.

denimleggings_darkdenim_backOther clothing is designed to be worn as layers over shapewear.  I was drawn to the Olivia tunic.  Feminine and flowy, this tunic (worn over my cami) made me feel amazing.  I paired it with the flare leg pant to create an outfit I can’t wait to wear on my next date night!

Olivia Tunic and Flare Leg Pant  These pants have become my new favorite wardrobe staple.  They fit great, don't wrinkle, and can be dressed up or down!
Olivia Tunic and Flare Leg Pant These pants have become my new favorite wardrobe staple. They fit great, don’t wrinkle, and can be dressed up or down!

The fun part about hosting a trunk show would be seeing the outfits everyone else puts together and sharing the flow and spark of ideas.  The pieces are so varied that there really is something for everyone.  An added incentive for hosting a show is that hostesses earn free and discounted clothing.

Additionally, Ruby Ribbon is looking for independent stylists as their brand expands into North Texas.  Women of all ages and stages of life are experiencing the benefits of setting their own flexible working hours while selling a product they can stand behind.  Lasca described the community of saleswomen as welcoming and supportive, and she would happily answer questions or assist anyone interested in becoming part of this fast-growing, successful team.

I’ve tried to convey just how perfectly these soft, flexible fabrics feel and fit, but the proof is in the experience.  Thankfully, arranging a trunk show or even a private fitting is only an email away.  I encourage everyone who’s been searching for shapewear and clothing that actually feels comfortable AND looks beautiful to get in touch with Lasca Weiss [email protected] and discover the Ruby Ribbon line personally.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a personal fitting session and clothing from the Ruby Ribbon line in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed above are my own, and I am delighted to share this exciting clothing line with fellow moms.


    • Hi Caren! I just signed on as a Ruby Ribbon stylist, but I’ve been using their camis for more than a year. They hold up great if washed in a mesh bag and never dried. Hope you ended up trying these out – they are awesome!


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