Score! Here’s Why i9 Sports and Kids Are a Winning Combo

This post was sponsored by i9 Sports. All opinions are the writer’s own.

cheesin_i9sports_dallasmomsblogjpgMy husband has played soccer for 35 years. It’s his passion! As a father and a coach, he is thrilled to pass his love and expertise of the game on to our two kids. Even though our life gets a little (okay, a lot) crazier come fall and spring, I look forward to Saturday games.

I like to sit with the other parents and wear my team shirt and watch my kids run their hearts out. I like the routine our family has created for six seasons now.  It is a firm belief in our home that sports are an important part of being a kid, and is essential in order to create a well-rounded person.

When I heard about i9 Sports, a nationwide organization that helps kids succeed through sports, I thought, “Aha! Here is an organization that understands the importance of kids being involved in healthy activities,” and so, I want to share all the reasons why playing sports is so awesome for kids of all ages. 

i9 Sports makes it easy for kids to succeed.

Kids learn how to communicate when they play on a team.
You can’t play soccer without teammates. You can’t win a football game without a defense. A single player doesn’t win a game. When kids play on a team, they work together and use words to reach a common goal. I love to watch my daughter use her voice and call out to her teammates, “I’m open!” In my opinion, this is similiar to how we deal with folks in  “The Real World.” You can teach kids how to talk to one another when they play a game. It’s easy and fun! 


Kids stay healthy when they play sports.
We’ve all seen the stats on childhood obesity. We know physical education and recess time have been slashed in schools across the country. Kids can reach the daily goal of 60 minutes of activity a lot faster when they play in a sports program. 

Sports teaches perseverance.
Nobody wins when they quit. When kids play sports, they learn the value of hard work and dedication. During my son’s first season, he hadn’t grasped the concept of sharing “his ball” with other players. He cried during almost every game for the rest of the season, and it wasn’t fun. We stuck it out. He’s a completely different player this year. He loves to kick, run and fight his way to the ball.


Kids learn how achieve and set goals.
Simone Biles didn’t become a gold medal-winning gymnast overnight. Stephen Curry didn’t start making three-pointers at his first practice. Nope, these top-level athletes worked hard for years to reach the top of their professions. Kids involved with physical activity and team play learn how to set and reach goals, which is achievement at its finest. Simply put, when you create a good work ethic in kids, you create a drive to succeed. i9 Sports understands this concept: They have a policy of reduced team sizes and equal playing time, which helps players improve their skills and reach their goals.

Kids learn how to lose.
No one can win it all. When you experience disappointment in a safe environment, you learn how to lose with grace, and there’s no safer place than on the field, playing with friends. For example, when my daughter didn’t start in the first game of the season, she was upset and shocked. We let her cry and then after she dealt with her disappointment, she got on the field and ran her heart out. She hasn’t thrown a “It’s not fair!” tantrum since.

Looking for a program to get your kiddos started?  

i9 Sports has programs all across DFW, and is currently expanding into the North Dallas and Carrollton/Farmer’s Branch/Irving areas. They offer flag football, basketball, soccer and baseball programs, they make it easy for parents to get kids to games, and they are ahead of the curve when it comes concussion protocol.

You can find out more when you visit their website: or discover them on social media! 




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