How to Save $$ On Electricity with EnerGenie


This post has been sponsored by EnerGenie. All opinions are 100% our own!

There’s no denying last few years have been tough on families. Work and school schedules have changed, priorities have shifted, and budgets have tightened.

At the beginning of the year, my husband and I sat down and went line-by-line through our family budget to see where we could (and would) need to make changes. We made little adjustments like increasing our entertainment and restaurant budgets, and made notes to cancel the dozen or so streaming services we signed up for during our “home confinement of 2020–2021.”

Being aware of your finances month-to-month helps you make better choices for your family, but those pesky bills you have no control over can be frustrating! The ups and downs of water, gas, trash, and electric bills seem unpredictable (at least in the City of Dallas). You try to control your usage to save money, but then rates go up. You budget water based on last year, and then a drought hits and you use more water than ever…it all feels out of control!

While there isn’t a ton we can do about our utility bills (water & gas), we CAN take advantage of electricity savings because Texas is a deregulated state—meaning you can choose your electric company based on who has the best price. But here’s the problem: My husband and I spent HOURS combing through hundreds of electricity provider websites, searching for the best savings, and using price comparison websites. And signing a two-year contract for what seems like the best deal, only to discover that rates increase after the first year? The fine print was really overwhelming.

…And don’t even get me started on the stress and chaos of desperately searching through bills to make sure you’re not getting charged an excessive rate during power grid failures! 

Electricity savings became an annual chore: trying to keep up with the constantly changing energy market, when to cancel current contracts, when to switch companies. We knew we could SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS each year, but our invested time was making it cost-prohibitive.

That’s why I’m so thankful for a company like EnerGenie that understands family time is precious and not everyone has the capacity to be an electricity expert!

EnerGenie is a concierge service that can save you hundreds
(And you don’t have to lift a finger!)

EnerGenie uses cutting-edge technology to help ensure Texans are in the most cost-effective electric plan specific to their unique usage profile. For only $10/month, EnerGenie evaluates your historical usage data and compares hundreds of electricity plans to find the best plan for YOU, saving you up to several hundred dollars a year.

And even when they’ve found you the perfect plan, they make thousands of calculations to ensure you continue to have the best available. Each time a contract period ends, EnerGenie will contact you directly, letting you know that they are taking care of getting your next rate locked in.

Already in the middle of a contract? No problem! While not always the case, sometimes paying to terminate a current contract may be in your best interest compared to the savings. An EnerGenie representative can walk you through what this might look like before making any final decisions. Since EnerGenie is always working for you, you will always have the final say!

EnerGenie wants to help give you peace of mind AND reduce your electricity spending, so for a limited time, they’re giving you 10% OFF an EnerGenie annual subscription. Use code DALLASMOMS when you sign up.

Don’t wait—start saving today!



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