How to Practically Incorporate City Mom Collective Values on a Daily Basis


Here at Dallas Moms, we strive to provide relevant, timely and fun information as well as cultivate a positive parenting community. We are pleased to support the City Moms Collective change to our overarching values with the addition of INCLUSIVITY. This addition is a no-brainer, and it reflects our desire to be inclusive of all moms as readers, content producers, writers, site owners, and MOM ICONS.

With the announcement of this recent change, I started thinking about my own family and our value system. It lines up with the CMC values, and we are proud to use that list as a guide. But a value system or mission statement is only a theory unless you put practicality behind it. Here are practical ways we are choosing to live out our value system.


  • Be respectful in the way you speak to your spouse in front of your children, especially during a disagreement
  • Refrain from talking poorly about people behind their backs
  • Show your children respect, even during punishment
  • Encourage the use of “Yes / No Ma’am/Sir”
  • Teach your children how to give a proper handshake and when we should give up our seat to another


  • Encourage being truthful in every situation
  • Discuss the consequences to fibbing
  • Compare and contrast what is a “BIG DEAL” and what is a “LITTLE DEAL” to help kids know that it is okay to tell the truth even if they think they’ll be punished
  • Praise integrity and truthfulness in front of siblings or peers


  • Discuss the saying “practice makes perfect”
  • Let your children know that trying and giving best effort is what is important
  • Celebrate your own accomplishments with your family, even with your youngest children. Let them celebrate your excellence too!
  • Have family celebrations after team sports, goals scored, projects completed, good grades, and weekends full of good attitudes


  • Find a cause or an activity to be passionate about as a family
  • Include your children on volunteering opportunities
  • Find something your child is passionate about and be involved – coach a soccer team, get on the floor and work a puzzle, find a S.T.E.A.M. project to do with your child, or learn about their favorite sports team
  • Encourage your child to outdo you in good works


  • Brag on yourself and your accomplishments to inspire your children to work toward their own goals
  • Be your spouse and child’s biggest cheerleader
  • Be a positive force in the community and to your neighbors
  • Share your passions publicly and welcome questions or be open to other opinions (respectfully!)


  • Teach your children about all different cultures and backgrounds. If possible, share cultures and customs with neighbors from other background and countries.
  • Be an open home – ready and willing to welcome all people in your community
  • Take charge in learning about becoming anti-racist and teaching your children the same
  • Consider patronizing black-owned business in Dallas
  • Discuss others’ differences with your children and CELEBRATE what makes each person they meet unique and welcomed in your life


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