How To Impact Your Year with a Vision Board


Thinking about resolutions, fitness, or new beginnings lately? Often a simple list of goals will get you to think about so many of the things you want to accomplish in the new year.

A vision board is a great way to organize your thoughts, motivations, purpose, and dreams into a vision of encouragement that will motivate you every step of the way.

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For me, a vision board keeps my change at the forefront of my mind. I mean, that is what making resolutions is all about, right? Change? And yet it’s really easy to make a list of resolutions only to find yourself running full-speed in the opposite direction by mid-February.

Many people see vision boards as manifesting something to happen in your life, but not me. As a girlfriend once said to me…creating a vision board is not being goal-orientated, but becoming vision-orientated.

Going Deeper

Cast      Record     Express

Creating a vision board is a work of art. I need an entire afternoon set aside to cut pictures, find the perfect scriptures, and organize my board!

Casting Your Cares

Casting your cares is a biblical phrase that has always stuck with me when I pray about the things that concern me. In my vision board process, it becomes my avenue to reflect on the vision God has given me and understand how these dreams, concerns, and areas of growth are part of my journey. I simply begin to record thoughts I’ve had all year about the many areas in which I need growth along with the things I’m trying to accomplish. So, yes, I might have notes about bad eating habits, relaxed work attitudes, or places I’m trying to go. This part is usually the hardest to start, but once I’ve written down my cares, I’m free to close my eyes and focus on my purpose. Somehow things just begin to align from there.

Record the Vision

This step will look different for many people. You may feel the need to share your vision with family, or simply through prayer or meditation. However you gain your clarity, this process is to take those cares and put them into view. What quotes or scriptures connect you to the vision? What pictures come to mind? The recording process is fun and freeing for me. I begin to own the changes that will strengthen my journey. I begin to see the vision unfold into a picture! Moving me straight into my last step…

Expression of Art!!!

Yes, the fun part! Scissors, colored tape, and markers!!!!! Pinterest scrolls and pins!!! I clip pictures, quotes, scriptures, I’ve even used family photos to collage my vision into a beautiful motivational work of art. Placed in the right spot in my home, my vision board becomes my daily reminder that my changes fit within established plans for my life.

Make It Memorable

Creating your vision board can begin in personal reflection and end with a vision board party. Making a vision board is work, but it is fun. Sharing the experience with family and/or friends may prove to be very rewarding. Have fun with it! Make it your own.

Remember, obtaining the dream takes place when you began the journey.


  1. I love this idea! I had my children all make one for themselves. It has even helped them stay focused on their goals in school! Thanks for the great information!!!


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