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My neighborhood is one of a kind. I have known this since I was a child, since I am lucky enough to live down the street from where I grew up.  We moved into our house 2 years before we brought our first born home.  Before he was even born, I was on the search to find mom friends in my neighborhood.  Who knew it would be one day out walking with my 3 month old that my parent life had changed forever! Here are my top 5 reasons why it has helped with parenting! Don’t get me wrong, I have been lucky enough to have friends around me who I grew up with, but there is something special about a bond between the mom-friends in your neighborhood that everyone needs to find!

  1. Mom’s night out…just a walk a way! Let’s be honest, we all need a mental break here and there, but don’t want to schlep or spend the money at a local restaurant or bar! We have found Monday nights (Bachelor Night), are the perfect way to start the week with our neighborhood mom group.   Someone offers to host, bring a snack, wine and your weekly stories, and you are set! What better way to get close to thy neighbor then talk to other moms who understand your newest potty training debacle or even worse, sleep regression! You know EVERYONE is the room has been there, or going to be there soon enough! Great time to unwind, and then a quick jump, skip back to your house hopefully before 12 AM!
  2. Please don’t steal my package! There has been so much theft going on if you ask me! It’s scary… you desperately need those diapers by the time you get home and you find they are missing off your doorstep.  Instead of worrying… you know there are mom friends who stay at home, or on their lunch break who are happy enough to pick it up off your porch for you.  Then, on your way home (which it wouldn’t be out of the way), you go and pick it up!
  3. The Playground…where everyone knows your name! We love neighborhood playdates at the park! It makes it so easy to get out of the house, knowing not only will your kids have a fun time running around, but you will have someone to talk to, and enjoy fresh air at the same time.  Oh and did I mention free? Obviously, this is something to do with any friends, but makes is easier when someone is down the street, and just as easy for them to get there as for you! Also, the kids are starting to play with peers their own age, which will make it easy when it’s time to make sports teams.
  4. New friends for everyone!! What we have enjoyed most of all, is everyone in the family has a new friend! We all have the common ground from our neighborhood, but no one knew each other before.  For a lot of couples, it can be a challenge to make friends with your spouse’s friends because even though they are their friends, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy their company.  With the neighborhood there’s a huge variety, and no forced friendships.  The guys can enjoy their draft night, bar night or a game at the local playground, and the wives can go see the latest chic flic, wine night or a favorite’s things party!
  5. It’s time for the holidays! Holidays, Superbowl and Birthdays… there are so many social events on the calendar, but not all of them are great for families, or even close by.  We have started to designate different houses to host parties for events like this, and it has made it so easy! We know that the house is kid-friendly, only a few minutes away, walking or driving, and best of all we do pot luck, so we know there will be good food for everyone! It has been so much fun, and stress free. Also the pictures over time have been really cute of the kids to see them grow up.

Don’t be shy in your neighborhood! If you see a mom, dad, or family with some kids in your neighborhood, go up to them and say hi! Invite them to your next game night or meet them at the park.  It has been such a blessing for me and my family, and it will be for yours too!


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Liz is a mom to Miles (April 2014) and Laila (July 2016) and has been married to her husband Daniel for 6 years. She was born and raised in Dallas, leaving for about 8 years to receive her Psychology and Criminal Justice degree from Indiana University, and later her Master's degree from National Louis-Chicago to follow her dreams in becoming a teacher. After meeting (more like bumping into a blast from the past) her middle school crush on an American Airlines flight in 2009, they became engaged shortly after and moved back to Dallas. They now live in the same neighborhood Liz grew up in. She enjoys movie date nights with her hubby, vacationing at Target (sans kids), family fun days, Bachelor night with her girlfriends and just started a hip hop class. Her New Year’s resolution was to drink more red wine—and has been successful. And let's not forget her favorite pastime, overposting her fun-loving kids on social media. You can find those pictures on Instagram at @lizbracken2219.


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