How to Do Valentine’s Day with Kids


In our home, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love we have as a family, not just the romantic stuff. We’ve tried to create traditions that include our kids and other family members. Showering our family with love is something we do year ’round, but it’s fun to celebrate on a special day, too! 

Photo Shoots

I always love having pictures taken of the kids, and Valentine’s Day is no different. I’m sure one day those cupid pictures will come in handy at his wedding!

I think taking pictures is important no matter the reason, but it’s even more fun when we can dress the part.

Special Dinners

Instead of fighting traffic and dealing with grumpy kids on a school night, we like to do fancy dinners at home. My favorite Valentine’s meal was family fondue night! We used our crock-pot and fondue sets to make meat, cheese dip, and chocolate fondue.

The kids had a great time and the meal was simple and easy. We had chicken and steak for the meats. For veggies, we did broccoli and cauliflower. For the sweet treat we used strawberries, marshmallows, and pound cake. And my mom came over to join in on the fun.

On the random years Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, we venture out with our family. One time we went to (now closed) Spaghetti Warehouse in the West End and rode in a horse drawn carriage! We took my mom and they all had a blast. We look for places that will be family-friendly so that we feel comfortable and everyone else does, too.

Love Notes

I also like to celebrate the kids in their uniqueness. Every day leading up to Valentine’s Day, I take a construction paper heart and tape it to their bedroom door with something that we love about them. I include my husband too, and they enjoy reading each other’s every morning. It can be as simple as “I love the way you laugh” to “I love the way you help out around the house!”

Class Parties

At our elementary school, students aren’t allowed to bring in food for their valentines, so we’ve made it a game to find non-edible goodies for classmates. We have a great time putting the valentines together before the class parties. So far we’ve used heart-shaped seed packets and mini monster trucks. And this year we’re using hand sanitizer and Hot Wheels cars!

Heart-Shaped Everything

Apparently food is a big player in our house for this holiday. I love to get personalized cookies or heart-shaped donuts… Last year, we made heart-shaped red and pink pancakes! This year, I already have heart-shaped ravioli waiting for our fancy dinner at home.

I’ve learned over the years that creating memories with our family is the most important thing, whether we go out on the town or stay home in our stretchy pants.

My kids will never remember the pink stuffed teddy bear I got them from Target, but they will always remember the fondue bar and horse-drawn carriage.


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