How Greetabl Allows You To Get Personal From a Distance

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In the world of social media, email, and online exchanges, receiving physical mail from loved ones has become more important than ever as it’s one of the few ways we can personally connect {from a distance}. Discovering a handwritten card in the mailbox or an unexpected gift delivered to the door not only brightens my day but helps break up these days that feel like they’re just going to go on forever.

Over the last month, as we’ve had to physically distance ourselves further from one another, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to go beyond a social message when wanting to connect to a family member or friend and be intentional about making a personal effort to reach out. I’ve set birthday reminders on my calendar and have notecards (and stamps!) handy so that dropping a note or card in the mail doesn’t feel like a task and doesn’t require an unexpected trip to the store.

But lately, I’ve been still wanting to do more. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, important birthdays are on my radar, and a sweet great-grandmother is feeling lonely without seeing her grandchildren.

I recently discovered Greetabl and it’s exactly what I need for all these occasions and more!


Greetabl is an online gifting company that’s “more than a card, but more personal than flowers.”

Rather than heading to a grocery store and searching endlessly for that perfect preprinted card that expresses the sentiment you’re hoping for, Greetabl provides you a way to send a small, customized gift to let those you love or appreciate know you’re thinking of them…right from the comfort (and safety) of your couch.


Step 1 :: Build Your Box

First impressions are everything, and that’s why Greetabl knows the package your message comes in is important. Greetabl works with artisans and illustrators to create beautiful package designs for ANY occasion or theme. The box you select unfolds into a personalized card for your recipient.

Step 2 :: Personalize It!

This is where you can get creative and crafty. You can create your own personal message (OR use one of their pre-written greetings) for your custom card. As an added bonus, you have the option of including personal photos within your design to share those sweet moments that might have been missed.

Then, select from hundreds of items to personalize your gift –like artisinal caramels, handmade candles, and Moleskin notebooks. And you can even mix-and-match by adding little “extras” like vellum confetti, quote cards, and pins. Most gifts are under $25 and there’s something for everyone’s budget.

Step 3 :: Get it Shipped

No last-minute trips to the post office looking for shipping supplies. Greetabl takes care of everything at check-out. Gifts are printed on-demand and mailed first class with a neatly printed label.

Step Up Your Mother’s Day Card This Year

This Mother’s Day, Greetabl has created selection of personalized box designs and gifts just for MOM! And for those who need something simple and easy, I love the “gift combos” they’ve created for moms of all interests. My favorite pairing is for “the Mom that deserves a me moment” with a signature print and rose bath fizz.

For a limited time, through Mother’s Day (May 10, 2020) you can receive 15% OFF on your Greetabl purchase when you use code DALLASMOMS at checkout.

To learn more about Greetabl, visit their website or follow them on social media for the latest news and gift giving ideas!



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