Hey Mama, Have You Had Your Me-Time Today?


Daily me-time for the busy mom is laughable, right?  Let’s face it, as moms, we are totally surrounded by calendars and to-do lists that keep our corner of Earth on its axis!  So, yes, it is easy to make a stressed out mama laugh, with the guilt-inducing idea of me-time.

The crazy thing is, the Stay-At-Home mom is equally as busy as the Working Mama. IF you wear the role of mom, you are BUSY! It is important to take a little time to just relax.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

4 Steps to Find Me-Time

Avoid Mom Burn-Out

Overwhelmed with the many things I needed to manage, I quickly became stressed, unhealthy and angry. I just didn’t think I needed time to myself. I just needed more hours in the day to get everything done. Painfully, I quickly learned that TOO BUSY is not productive, it is a recipe for BURN-OUT.

Own your time! A well-rested, mentally strong woman is a better wife, mom, and friend.

So my goal is to reset the drained, dry version of myself with daily me time.  Each day of my life, I want to know that I made time for myself, even if it’s simply enjoying my favorite fast food alone in my car. More importantly, I want every mom I know to take time weekly to reset, relax and renew themselves. Here are a few me-time ideas to get started!

Mind, Body, and Soul

Write – Blog or journal! Writing is therapeutic!

Read – Create a monthly reading list! Make space for a great devotional.

Dance – Put on some music and dance your heart out! You could even follow some step-by-step dance classes on YouTube and learn some new moves! Check out M.O.M Crew Dance if you want to join a local group.

Yoga – Meditation is understood in every language! There is nothing wrong with taking 10 minutes to stretch out those worries and clear your mind.  A friend of mine recently suggested Yoga with Adriene from YouTube! However, if you want a more local face visit Body By Bey, LLC.  She is amazing! 

Plan Time Out of the House

Window Shop – I have a friend who absolutely loves walking through Ikea and/or Target. This is a perfect way to visualize new projects!

Get a Message – Your body will thank you! Get relief from knots in your neck and back or simply just go to be refreshed! Check out these local spas. Spavia Day Spa, Modoma Massage and Wellness, and of course Massage Envy.

Take Yourself Out to Lunch – There are some amazing restaurants in Dallas. Lunchtime would be a great time to journal and reflect on your vision board. I suggest these local spots,CAFÉ 43, E Bar Tex-Mex, and my personal favorite the Spiral Diner.

Coffee Shops – There is something magnificent about a cozy coffee shop and a great book. Treat yourself! Here are a few Dallas hide-a-ways, White Rhino, Native Coffee Co., and Fiction Coffee. 


Make Time to Smile

Spa Worthy Bath – There’s no denying the power of a spa bath! Feeling stressed or depleted?  Take a spa bath and reset!  Create your own oasis with Shea Sage and Salt in Cedar Hill, TX. They have an amazing selection of natural soaps and body care products.

Take a bike ride –  Bike riding has become a lifestyle that reduces stress and anxiety all while improving self-esteem. Even in a bad mood, there is nothing like a refreshing bike ride.

Workout – Working out is a sure way to recharge!  Try out one of these Mom Friendly Workout.

Take a walk – We have all learned how therapeutic walking is! But make it a date! Dallas has some of the best parks around. Get out and enjoy nature!

Crafts – Inspire your creativity! Try making soap, or one of those cute DIY hanging shelfs.

How do you take me-time?


    • Yes! Lunch dates are great! You should definitely try a mid-day spa time or even journaling . I absolutely love my coffee, a quiet room and a journal…. Oh, and a great pen. LOL..


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