Happy Earth Day


When life in the Gilliam house consisted simply of my husband and me, we did the easy and simple things to be green. We recycled everything (how nice that Dallas doesn’t even make us sort!), we turned out lights when not being used, we didn’t run water unnecessarily and I’m pretty sure I signed up for the renewable energy package with Atmos. These are all, I bet, pretty common in most households.  I am certain the earth was happy with us.

But what about when a baby enters the scene? I’m finding that these miniature humans  can take a big toll on the earth- lots of baths, lots of diapers, lots of baby food jars and containers and lots of loads of laundry. But if you’re like me, you get a little thrill every time you throw something in the recycle bin, so that part’s not really a big deal. But what about all those diapers? Well, I’ve learned to find a new little thrill- every time I change a diaper. I know that sounds weird, but the reason is because we use cloth diapers (Bum Genius– love’em!) I change a diaper so many times a day that now, like when I am recycling, I get a little sense of satisfaction in throwing it in a laundry pail instead of the trash can. The cost-savings also adds to that thrill, I’m sure! Using cloth diapers has probably been the biggest green and eco-friendly decision we’ve made. (more on the pros and cons later) Now we just need to work on the water-usage of her nightly baths– eek!

I have never really thought of myself as a “green” person. I think up until the past few years I equated being “green” with being “granola” or a hippy. But I guess all of the educational advertisements have worked on me because now when I think about what I do to help save the earth, I can actually make a list! I’m quite surprised really.

I’d love to know what you are doing to be green with a baby!



  1. Now that our youngest is on solids, I make his baby food! I have fun doing it, because it’s super easy and it’s earth friendly, since I reuse and wash the freezing containers. No more waisted plastic containers here! Yay!


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