“Grown Up” Music That’s Also Child-Friendly

Photo Credit: The Band Joseph

You can only listen to nursery rhymes for so long before you start hearing them in your sleep. My husband really loves music. He loves finding new artists, learning all the lyrics and backstories, seeing the up-and-comers live before they get popular and trade small, intimate coffee houses for huge, sold-out stadiums. Of course, when kids enter the picture, some artists are more agreeable for both parent and child than others. The child is looking for something upbeat, colorful and fun. The parent is looking for the same, but while also monitoring content. Everyone is wanting something catchy. Thankfully, my husband keeps the records around here spinning with fresh tunes – and some classics – that satisfy all of us. Here are 10 of our family’s favorites.

Joseph: Have girls who love to listen to talented female artists? These sisters have some serious talent and – BONUS – I would not mind my girls aspiring to be like them. Their sound is so pure and beautiful. Watch out, this music will take your breath away! 

NEEDTOBREATHE: These guys are so great. Turn on the album and just let it play. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Your kids will be better for listening and this band’s sound is super satisfying for all ears.

Photo Credit: The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers: The Avett Brothers are a favorite of mine and my husband’s. Thankfully, our kids get into them too. Particularly the songs that get a little rowdy like “Kick Drum Heart.” The Avett Brothers don’t curse in their music, but some themes are adult (drinking, to be specific).

Leon Bridges: Leon is an old soul making modern day music. He’s smooth and calming. It’s feel-good music to the core – for you and your children. His sound appeals to all types of crowds.

Beatles: I was raised on the Beatles and will pass them along to my children. And have you guys seen the TV show Beat Bugs? It’s a fun cartoon that incorporates Beatles music throughout the show. 
Adele: Although Adele is known for having a dirty mouth on stage, her albums remain really clean. Not totally void of all swearing, mind you, so make sure you listen through the songs before introducing it to your kids. My girls LOVE belting it out like Adele. 
Coldplay: With their whimsical sounds and themes, they’re a little like musical pied pipers to children. They’re always clean and you can HEAR the fun they have making music. What’s not to love?
(Photo: James Minchin) via radio.com

The Head and The Heart: This band is so quirky and a little weird, but you and your kids will love them. Tons of personality, very clean (a couple songs with the word “hell” come to mind), and have both male and female vocalists. 

Amos Lee: Amos Lee’s wide ranging interest in music comes across in his own music – it’s diverse and interesting, but also quite catchy. His sound is very soulful and heartfelt.
U2: You live under a rock if you don’t know a U2 song or two. But maybe you hadn’t thought to introduce them to your kids. U2 are mega-stars and enjoy a popularity level that clearly indicates they appeal to, well, most everyone.
When you feel like you just CAN’T hear another round of The Wheels On The Bus: Remember, there are other options! Don’t let kids tunes steal your good-music soul! What do your families like to listen to together?


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