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**This post has been sponsored by Goldfish Swim School to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton is much more than a swim school. You feel it the moment you walk in. The staff at Goldfish truly has passion, not just for kids and swimming, but a special passion for changing- even saving- lives by teaching kids to swim and be safer in and around the water.

Goldfish Swim School
Before swim lessons.

My son cried every day I took him to swim lessons this summer at our local rec center. Needless to say we didn’t last long. I was nervous bringing him to Goldfish, but my worries were quickly dismissed when my son joyfully exclaimed, “I’m so excited! When can we come back?!” 

Everything Goldfish has to offer made our experience remarkable.

The things my son loves about Goldfish Swim School:

-The feeling of being in a tropical oasis the moment you walk in. Brightly colored walls, tiki cabanas and surfboard benches surround the island-style hair drying station and border the pool.

-The shiver-free pool that is heated to 90 degrees. I also enjoyed that when I did swim lessons with my 18-month old daughter!

-Play-based learning. He didn’t even know it was a swim lesson, he just thought we were having fun! This guided-play gave him the confidence to try learning the skills they introduced to him during his “lesson.”

The things I love about Goldfish Swim School:

-Swim lessons are offered as early as 4 months old. Class sizes are no more than 4 children to 1 swim instructor.

– They use their holistic philosophy, The Science of SwimPlay®, to build life skills both in and out of the water using play-based learning in a fun and safe environment.

-You can easily see your child during the lesson, and they offer you to come in at the end of the lesson to review what your child learned and how they did.

-The staff is beyond nice. They genuinely care about you and your child’s entire experience. 

Goldfish Swim School
Incredible swim instructors

-They have an area for children to color while they wait for their lesson to start, or for your other kids to use while the other is in swim lessons.

-Goldfish offers special events like birthday parties, family swim, accelerated Jump Start Clinics and even a Goldfish Recreational Swim Team, catered to swimmers who have completed the Goldfish Pro Level. 

Come celebrate with Goldfish on October 27th from 1:00 – 5:00 pm for FREE event!  Activities include: family open swim, balloon artist, face painter, arts and crafts, refreshments and much more! Call 972-846-4469 for additional details, and visit to learn more. Promotion or not, your investment is well worth it with Goldfish Swim School!

Goldfish Swim SchoolGoldfish Swim School



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