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**This post has been sponsored by Kabrita USA to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

I was a breastfeeding mom to my three biological kids before our family started fostering. I worked hard to breastfeed through my babies’ milk protein allergies and reflux, and I was proud of pushing through some minor setbacks to continue to feed them well. Not all moms are so lucky!

There are some setbacks you can’t push through, and some circumstances that prevent a mother from breastfeeding. Being an older, and wiser mama now, means I understand more about the nuances of choices, and I am so glad to share the research I did on formula when my husband and I started fostering babies in 2016.

Kabrita goat milk formulaFoster babies must be formula fed for a host of reasons, and so when my first placement arrived in our home I demonstrated my love to him the way I had to all of my previous bio babies: by researching. In my research that summer, I found Kabrita USA, which is an amazing Goat Milk Baby Formula company that is 100% woman-run…led by moms. They created this formula so that it is naturally easy to digest – modeled after breast milk. It is non-GMO and a good option for babies who have reactions to cow’s milk formula products*; some children’s tummy and skin issues have resolved when their parents made the switch to Kabrita! Kabrita is the first formula in the US to be certified as Glyphosate free (!!!) and has added prebiotics to benefit your child’s microbiome. Amazing! It is far and away the best choice on the market. 

When I learned all this, I purchased Kabrita’s formula. It helped my new baby overcome a skin issue he’d been having on a conventional formula. It made me feel so good to know what I was feeding him was the very best I could possibly do for him. Honestly, I am so passionate about this product because it fills a much-needed space in the formula market. {Check out the Kabrita ingredients here.} I have recommended this product time and again to my friends who for whatever reason need a gentle and quality baby formula. 

Ready to try Kabrita?

I am so pleased to be able to share that you can try a can of Kabrita for free — all you need to pay is for shipping, which is $8.99. And they’ll send you a $5 coupon for next time!

If you are a parent who cares about feeding your child the best, if you have a baby with skin issues, tummy troubles, reflux, or even chronic hiccups…you should test out this free offer. Click here to try it out! And if you have a Kabrita Success Story, share in the comments below! 

*not suitable for children with diagnosed Cow Milk Protein Allergy


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