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Merriam-Webster defines “utopia” as a place of ideal perfection. And If ideal perfection means the most delicious and perfectly portioned, healthy food and supportive staff, then Utopia-Food & Fitness hit the nail on the head. This local Dallas-based business has combined great food and fitness in an attempt to provide the whole package all under one roof.  What is better for a busy parent than an incredibly time efficient and effective, easy way to stay healthy?

Utopia-Food & Fitness boasts that women usually lose 15-25% of their body fat and men often lose 20-30% of their body fat in the first 6 weeks.  That equals losing an average of about 20 inches in that time period.  They even have a fun slogan that Results ARE Typical.  How can they achieve this?  There are several factors involved in this lifestyle change. 

Professional Trainers

First, you meet with a professional trainer who assesses your measurements, your body composition analysis and health goals.  After this meeting, they can better determine what caloric intake you should be consuming so that you can effectively maximize your work outs and boost your resting metabolic rate.  The staff at Utopia knows each person is different, so even if two people weigh the exact same, they won’t have the same body type or fitness goals. 

20 Minute Work Outs

You then start two 20 minute work out sessions for 6 weeks.  (Remember when Sally shared how she lost the Baby Weight in 4 Hours? It’s true!) These are specifically geared toward your own strengths.  Each circuit is repeated for a three week period.  Then, the format changes so that your muscles and body are constantly working to achieve long term fitness goals faster. 

Nautilus Circuit Training

The workout portion is aimed to provide a work out equal to 30 minutes of cardio exercise *and* 50 minutes of free weight lifting in 20 minutes.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  The work out is 20 minutes each session with work out hours from 5:30 AM to 9 PM most week days so there is no reason you can’t fit it in your schedule.  This is the perfect work out for all parents because it has practically no impact on your busy day.


Personal trainers are always present to help safely guide you through that 20 minute work out on a Nautilus circuit.   The equipment is designed to move your muscles through a full range of motion, allowing for a more complete work out of the muscle.  This gives you a total body workout with full muscle extension to full muscle contraction in less steps than say free weights where you have things like gravity working against you.  

You may think you don’t need to build muscle or that muscles are only for body builders.  Not true at all.  Building muscle has been scientifically linked to longer life spans with less age related disease, less bone loss and inflammation and improved insulin sensitivity in diabetics and pre-diabetics.  

Chef Prepared Meals

Then, you have Utopia-Food and Fitness 4-star chef prepared meals that are perfectly portioned and labeled with all nutritional information.  When possible, the food is organic and all cooked in house by a team of kitchen geniuses lead by Chef Mike Smith. 

Your specific food is calculated with the pre-established calorie goals and you are given three meals and two snacks per day to take home.  These meals are fresh, with clear labels of ingredients and nutritional content, and easily heated so that you have a fast and healthy meals each time. 

Portioned meal options from Utopia-Food & Fitness

This lifestyle change encourages you to listen to your body when you are on the edge of hunger, and then eat these portion controlled meals in a caloric range carefully calculated for you. 

The best part about Utopia is that you never go hungry!  The menu is planned carefully with Registered Dietician Nutritionist Dr. Carol Ireton-Jones so that it gives you a flat belly full and you are not tempted to overeat because your body hasn’t registered that it is not hungry anymore.  This careful planning allows you to indulge on occasional snacks of chips and dips and even sweets like muffins or pudding.  Chef Mike also incorporates stir fry, Indian food, Mexican casseroles, seafood and traditional home cooking like meatloaf or chili into the week. 

The recipes are adapted to take out all the things your body doesn’t need, but still be delicious.  With so many choices, no one feels like they are missing out on their favorite type of food.  You can get the food pre-ordered for easy pick up with kids, or you can go in and browse the food options for the day and pick whatever you are in the mood for. 

The best part of Utopia is that the staff wants to help you boost that resting metabolic rate, get stronger, reset your body’s idea of satiating hunger and then incorporate that into your regular habits at home.   The goal is a habit change that you can continue at home with the idea that this isn’t a fad diet or shake program.  This is clean, healthy eating and working out, which we all know is best for our bodies. 

Utopia-Food & Fitness has several locations in the DFW area including Dallas, Southlake and Plano (with new locations coming soon!) If getting in better shape and looking to make overall health changes in your life is a priority, Utopia-Food & Fitness can help guide you to long term health. 

Krystal already shared her 6 week results on Dallas Moms Blog, but thanks to Utopia Food & Fitness, I’ll be sharing my 6 weeks results soon! Stay connected for my before & after with final weigh-in results very soon. To learn more about Utopia Food & Fitness, visit their website or call a location nearest you! 


Utopia Plano
5805 Preston Rd, Suite #594, 75093
(972) 781-1888

Utopia Dallas
11909 Preston Rd, Suite #1486, 75230
(972) 674-1888

Utopia Southlake
2777 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite C-130, 76092
(817) 329-1888

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