It’s Easy to Subscribe to Style With Shades Republic

This post has been sponsored by Shades Republic to bring you information about a flexible and customizable sunglass subscription. All opinions are 100% our own!


I am a stylish person. I am also a work-from-home mom with two active kids. In other words, high-fashion takes a backseat to comfort and convenience. I wear cut-off shorts with graphic tees, tanks with comfortable jeans, and sandals because chasing a toddler around a playground in heels (Major props to you mamas out there who actually do this, by the way!) isn’t going to happen.

I count on accessories to help me feel fashionable.

 I’ve got a ton of accessories: big earrings, bangle bracelets, chunky necklaces, lots of hats. One thing I don’t have is a lot of sunglasses. I bought an expensive pair a few years back and have stuck with that one pair ever since.  And I’m constantly worried that I’ll leave those shades somewhere. Why? Because it’s already happened more times than I can count. I’ve left my sunglasses at a friend’s house, in the grocery store, at Target, and at the playground. By a sheer stroke of luck, I’ve recovered them each time.

Enter Shades Republic!

Shades Republic offers quality, inexpensive, polarized and non-polarized sunglasses on a flexible and customizable subscription.

It’s the only sunglass subscription that gives customers the freedom to choose their sunglasses and shipping schedule, Every. Single. Time. When I heard about Shades Republic, I jumped at the opportunity to try a sample.

What is Shades Republic all About? 

The company got it’s start when, after years of buying yet another pair of shades to replace the ones that went missing, the founders thought it made more sense to subscribe to a service offering stylish, dependable sunglasses than running to the mall to pick up a new a pair every few weeks.

It offers six different styles for subscribers: Aviator, Champ, Club Master, Darling, Fair Lady and Wayfarer (They also offers a kid-sized Wayfarer for $12.).

The coolest part? Members decide how often they want to receive a new pair: every month, every two months, every three months, on up to every six months. And shipping is free.


I enjoy tossing my new Fair Lady shades in my purse or backpack with no worries about bent frames. When they fell off my shirt while gathering up gear at the park; I shrugged it off instead of looking for scratched lenses. The polarized feature is a total bonus because the Texas heat and sun is brutal. If they go missing, a new pair is either waiting for me at home, or will be on their way to my doorstep in a few weeks.

Recently, I went from lazy afternoon to fancy event without having to change my eyewear because the sunglasses from Shades Republic are sturdy and stylish. shadesrepublic_gabbycullen_dallasmomsblog

Shades Republic is a great option for busy parents who don’t have time or money to worry about fancy eyewear. 

Each pair is $9, unless you opt for the polarized feature which bumps the cost to $12. I hope to try the Wayfarer next, then the Clubmaster; with an affordable service like Shades Republic it can be a reality. 

Find out more and sign up to start your own subscription at Shades Republic.

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