Five Fun Fall-Inspired Indoor Activities


How about this crazy Dallas weather we have been having lately? Rain, rain go away please! During the weeks-long rainy days we were having I found myself and my kiddos becoming bored with endless unstructured play and repeat movie days. So I crowd sourced some fellow friends of littles (and the internet of course) and rounded up five fun fall inspired indoor activities that are simple, easy, and quick ways that will still keep the autumnal spirit alive but add some structure to the days where it may be too chilly or wet to get outside and play.

Before I start sharing some specific activities that caught my eye, I want to refer you back to my Summer Camp at Home post from June. In that post you will find a ton of wonderful resources that could definitely be used for structured indoor playtime. Some of those activities may involve a bit more prep but they are still super fun and engaging. Also, I want to shout out to a few of my absolute favorite resources when searching for age appropriate and inspirational kiddo activity ideas: Simply Learning, Busy Toddler, the Book and the Bristle, and STEM for kids with Engineering Emily. These ladies are overflowing with early education knowledge and fun things to do with your kids that everyone will enjoy!

Now onto the handful of activities I will be keeping in my back pocket for the coming unpredictable weather days (and months). As I said before these activities are easy to set up, require minimal supplies, and can be ready to go in seconds!

1. Fall Window Eye Spy

I love the idea of a fall nature walk and this printable could be used for that or if the rain gets in the way of outdoor exploration have your littles set up in front of a window. Have them circle or mark of what they see on their scavenger hunt by what they see through the window and hopefully when weather permits you can get out and see some nature up close and personal. If you do happen to make it outside this Fall Color Wheel activity looks fantastic!

2. Marble Painting or Acorn Painting

My mom has been a preschool teacher for 20+ years and one of the crafts I have loved seeing her students do is marble painting. All you need is a cardboard box, paper, marbles or small bouncy balls (or acorns!), paint, and a little artist willing to roll some paint around for a sensory art experience! Use orange, red, brown, and yellow paints – let it dry – and then draw a fun fall leaf shape and have your kiddo cut it out to make their own fall leaves!

3. Apple Printing

I have already shared my love for apple flavors on Dallas Moms so an apple craft was sure to make this list! We always have apples on hand for snacking in the fall. This is another easy sensory art experience where kids stamp and paint using half an apple. Round out this activity by baking some apple muffins and watching a fun little informative slideshow on Johnny Appleseed!

4. Fall Fingerprint Tree

I love that this activity could be done individually or by the whole family. This project involves multiple gross and fine motor skills too. You could even have your child paint their forearm and hand brown and make an arm/hand print on the paper first to be the trunk and branches of your beautiful fall tree!

5. Homemade play dough

When all else fails, bust out the play dough and turn the other way for the mess that will ensue. This recipe is the one my mom shared with me from her classroom and it is by far the best texture and lasts forever if you store it in an airtight container! Honestly, you may not have all of these supplies on hand at all times, but take my advice – buy them in advance because with this weather and chilly days ahead you WILL use it!

To make the play dough, combine:
2 cups flour
2 cups water
4 tsp cream of tartar
1 cup salt
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
+ your choice of food coloring

Happy crafting! I hope these activities bring a little fun to the unsightly weather days on the horizon. If you and your littles create any of the above be sure to share with us and tag Dallas Moms in your posts – we would love to see your fantastic fall creations!




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