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Five Back-to-School Mom Hacks

Five Back-to-School Mom Hacks

back-to-school mom hacksIn the next few weeks, those little hellions angels will be heading back to school. And while we are all saying a collective “amen,” it does come with its own sets of hassles and to-dos. To get you geared up for the school year and to hopefully save some sanity, I put together a helpful list of Mom hacks.

5 Totally Doable Back-to-School Mom Hacks

1. Do everything the night before.

When I say everything, I mean it! The less you have to do in the morning, the smoother the entire day will be. First order of business, prep the coffee machine! Along with setting out outfits, making lunches, packing the backpacks, prepping breakfast (try these make ahead breakfast burritos, so easy and yum!), laying out toothbrushes with toothpaste…all the things!

2. Put together a snack box for the car.

What is the first thing every kid says when you pick them up after school? “I’M HUNGRY!” So be prepared to calm the hangry little person with a box of snacks that you have in the car. Stock the box with things like cracker packs, fruit snacks, granola bars, pretzels, popcorn, squeeze pouches, and a water bottle. This one is twofold: it will quell the hunger demons and they will be quiet while they eat.

3. Throw the artwork away.

Ok, before you think I have no soul, hear me out. There is an amazing app called Artkive that lets you take pictures of your kids’ artwork, and then it will store and organize them on the app. You can go back later and make books and more out of the artwork. Once you snap that picture, throw the actual artwork away and keep your dining room table clutter free!

4. Use Amazon for school supplies.

You don’t have to spend hours searching and finding everything on your child’s list at various stores (what is a pronged pocket folder?)—do it from the comfort of your computer. Amazon School Lists make it easy to find everything you need and have it shipped right to your door.

5. Designate stations and folders.

Everything has a place, and there is a place for everything. Designate a specific folder for school forms, set up a homework station to aid your kids in after school homework, leave a shelf in the fridge for water bottles so your kids know where to put them (on their own!), have a bin by the door for shoes. The more organized (you don’t have to overdo it) the less stressed you and your kids will feel.

If you just pick a couple of these, it will simplify your life and make the back-to-school season so much easier on everybody. It will also make the sacred school day that much sweeter. Only a few weeks left, y’all. Hang in there…school is almost back in session!

Do you have any useful tips or hacks you want to share? The more tricks up our sleeves the better! #momsunite


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