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Something that I hope to instill in my daughters is a love for being active. My kids don’t need to grow up to be the fastest runners or the best soccer players, but I want activity and fitness to be a natural part of their lives.

As they are growing up in a world of increasing opportunities to spend time in front of a screen, whether that’s an iPad, computer or TV, I really want to make sure that they have a physical outlet. I want to show my daughters that being active can be fun.

We try do lots of kid-things to burn off some of that never-ending energy. Some of our favorites are scooter rides down the Katy Trail, playing at the park, and going to dance and gymnastics class. I try to exercise regularly and my girls come with me (almost) every day to the gym.

Our options for exercise and activity can be pretty one sided, though. Either the activity is just for the girls or is just for me. I don’t get much of a real work out at the park, and aside from playtime with friends, the gym isn’t much physical activity for them.

FitnessThat all changed when I had the opportunity to attend a FIT Family exercise class. It was a mommy and me type class geared for mommies and their children ages two and up. This was a different experience from some of the Baby Boot Camp type classes I experienced when my girls were itty-bitty. This was a class where fitness and exercise were both challenging for the mommies and made into fun games and activities for the kids. 

Our favorite part of the class was when the instructor had the kids take turns rolling a giant colored dice. Each color represented a different exercise. Some were focused on strength, others on cardio, and my daughter loved the suspense of not knowing what move was next. There is nothing cuter (and funnier) than a 3 year old doing jumping jacks.

At one point, one of the trainers took all the kids to a brightly colored obstacle course with tunnels to climb through, things to jump over, etc. While the other trainer took the mommies to the side for some bootcamp type drills.

There were running games, and even some parachute time at the end. What kid, no matter the age, doesn’t love playing with a parachute? And there were prizes for the kids. Prizes! When we left, my daughter’s first question was, “are we going to that class again tomorrow?” I left feeling like I had a good workout for the day. And I got to get my exercise in while I was having some playtime with my daughter as well. What a win-win.

Fit FamilyThe FIT Family class was a really fun way to get moving with my daughter and I hope to attend more classes this summer.

When and Where:

The FIT Family classes are offered at the Farmers Branch Rec Center every Wednesday during July and August.

There are both monthly and drop-in options available, and its $10 per family, per class.

You can find out more about the program or sign up here:


** This post was not sponsored by FIT Family. It’s just a fun way for you to stay fit with your family that we wanted to share! 


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