Finding the Best Faith-Based School for Your Family

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Since God makes each student unique, why not tailor their schooling in a way that celebrates that uniqueness? 

So many of the families we know say they strive to find the best school fit not only for their children but their entire family. Our Redeemer Lutheran School’s distinctive offerings supply what many families prioritize as their wants and needs when it comes to education. 

Dallas Moms Our Redeemer Lutheran Schoool
Our Redeemer offers instruction for grades K-6.

Why you should choose Our Redeemer Lutheran School

Structured Learning: Our Redeemer’s programs include preschool (age 1 through pre-K/age 4) and elementary school (K-6). If your child is not quite ready to transition from preschool into kindergarten, no problem! The school is pleased to offer a transitional program for children who are looking for more than preschool but not quite ready for kindergarten.  

Faith and Joy-filled Approach to Learning: With the help of the mascot, Wildcat Will, each student gains leadership skills in a way that captures their attention and enthusiasm. Each day is infused with God’s love and instruction as they learn Bible stories and memorize verses. They have fun while also developing Christian character. Our Redeemer Lutheran School teaches personal responsibility in a way that builds each year, layer by layer, and instills a lifelong love for learning. 

Additional Time: Our Redeemer offers extended early morning and/or afternoon time for families that need additional childcare. It’s a safe place where children receive care and attention and can socialize and learn before or after regular school hours. 

Generations of Great Education: Our Redeemer Lutheran School is proud of its six decades of service to its community. The school specializes in an academically focused, joy-filled, and spiritually rich curriculum, with a tradition of excellence, providing a customizable, enriched, and loving Christian environment. 

Customizable Education and Flexible Core Classes: Move Ahead Math and Accelerated Reader ensure students are challenged even if they have mastered subjects at their current grade level. Enrichment programs provide options to further customize students’ education based on their interests and aptitudes.

Sprawling Campus: Our Redeemer’s campus not only is beautiful but truly is a happy place where every student feels like they belong—like they are part of the family. Parents and students always are welcome to visit the 10-acre campus located just across from NorthPark Mall in the heart of Dallas.

Our Redeemer Lutheran School helps each child focus on God’s presence and prepares them for a lifetime of leadership and excellence. Learn more here.



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