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We all want what is best for our children. We research our options for schools by reading, asking questions of other parents, and observing. My husband and I thought we had all the answers we needed when it came to selecting a Kindergarten for our oldest child. However, when it actually came time to enroll her in our local public school, we changed our minds. We never thought we would be the private school type, but after looking at Lakehill, we knew we had found the right fit for our family.

johnstonWe are so thankful we made that decision. We now have two children at Lakehill Preparatory School, currently in fifth and third grades. However, I remember each of their first days of Kindergarten so clearly. They looked so small as they walked up the steps and were greeted by Headmaster Perry. (He still greets the children at the door each morning.) Their eyes were as big as saucers…or were those my eyes?

We were drawn to Lakehill because of the small class size, the top-notch curriculum, and the warm environment. It was evident that the teachers were there to help my child. Our daughter started Kindergarten as a shy, quiet child, but blossomed like crazy as the year progressed. Her confidence soared and she was excited about school.

Lakehill is academically challenging but nurturing at the same time. In Lower School, our children developed their public speaking skills by reciting their memory work in front of the class. They developed a love of reading through an engaging reading incentive program. Equally important, they have developed a passion for serving others through their involvement in Community Connections, a club that allows them to participate in various service projects throughout our community. It has increased their awareness of social issues and helped them be more sensitive to the needs of others. They even ask to volunteer on their days off!

dsc_0119-x3We have watched both of our children grow and become self-motivated, organized, confident students who speak up and offer their opinions in class. It has been amazing to watch them grow and thrive. Our first-born is no longer the shy, quiet child that she once was. She ran for Student Council during her first month in Middle School. She joined the Drama Club and performed in her first Middle School play. Our son is thriving academically and is truly developing his leadership skills. His interest in computer science is nurtured in an after-school computer coding class, one of many enrichment activities Lakehill offers its students.

Dallas has so many options when it comes to selecting a school for your child; it can definitely be overwhelming. In our opinion, Lakehill has it all: small class size, a caring community, dedicated teachers and staff, and, of course, an incredible education. We wouldn’t change a thing.

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Want to learn more about what Lakehill Preparatory School has to offer? Join them at an upcoming informational session!

Kindergarten Admission Preview

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 9:00am

Main Campus Building


Admission Tea & Talk

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 11:30am

Environmental Science Center


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