Find Summer Camps with Ease Using Camplicity

**This post has been sponsored by Camplicity to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

Summer will be here before we know it and I am already thinking about summer camps for my kids. Trying to juggle our family’s schedule and plan for summer camps is a challenge in and of itself. I am so grateful for Camplicity. I especially love the planner section that allows me to add several sessions of interest to my “schedule” so that I can see them all laid out on a grid. And Camplicity is 100 percent free for parents. How awesome is that?

The visual of Camplicity makes all the difference for me while I’m trying to plan our summer schedule. Honestly, it is such a time and sanity saver. Without Camplicity, my husband and I would be over here with sticky notes all over the walls trying to figure out our summer schedules, childcare plans and pickup times…. Y’all know how it is. With Camplicity, we are able to choose the specific sessions we are interested in. Then the schedule we have selected (along with links and registration links for each camp selected) can be sent to my email for a quick and easy sign-up.

The Camplicity site is so easy to use. Just pop in your address (or perhaps go with your work address if that will make your commute easier) on the main page and you get a list of nearby camps. Filter by age and choose from a wide range of categories. Rock Climbing, Aviation, Chess, Space, Music, Language, STEM and dozens more options are available to choose from. You can also filter for sibling discounts, after care, indoor only, etc. It’s a Dallas-area only site right now too so I know everything I’m seeing is local. Camplicity features camps in Dallas, Richardson, Grapevine, Frisco and more.

Amy is the mom behind Camplicity. She loves finding the best summer experiences for her son. She, like all of us, wants to foster her child’s interest while also helping them discover new ones through summer experiences that are enriching and fun.

CamplicityA few years ago, Amy set out to streamline summer camp registration. Word of mouth was the primary way people seemed to learn about the various summer programs available. It seemed like such an outdated and inefficient method. Amy was discussing this with her brother who had an idea to make the whole process better. They could put the camp information online. Camps would be plotted on a map, sorted and viewable in one place. Sessions could be viewed together to make planning a breeze. In the summer of 2017, Amy and her brother, along with a talented web designer, brought the idea to life with Camplicity.

Camplicity’s goal is to make life easier for all of us busy parents and to help give kids the most fun and fulfilling summer camp experiences. You can find 2019 summer camp sessions on Camplicity now. New sessions are added daily so be sure to check back frequently. They already have more than 400 Dallas-area summer camps in their database. And if you notice one missing, you can contact them to add it or contact the camp admin to let them know they can add their camp and sessions to Camplicity.

Own or manage a camp and want to make sure you are represented on Camplicity?  Create an account on the site by checking “Camp Administrator” during your registration.  You will then be able to add or claim your camp, and will have full access to edit your camp and session information.  Adding or claiming your account with Camplicity is free!



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