Feeling Sick? Remedy does House Calls!

This post has been sponsored by Remedy. All opinions are 100% our own!

I don’t know about you, but virtual visits with doctors and house-calls for sick appointments just went high on my list of preferences for this fall semester. If I don’t have to load the kids up to leave home for a doctor’s appointment, that sounds ideal to me! Remedy is helping parents out all over DFW this fall! No need to expose yourself to germy waiting rooms. You and your kids can be treated in the comfort of your home!

As moms who are trying to balance home, work, school, and all of life, Remedy is a welcomed service to help manage the load when the kids are sick and there is still so much to keep up with.

RemedyRemedy provides urgent care and offers house-calls and virtual doctor appointments for all sorts of ailments! Stitches, strep, pink eye, prescription refills, infections, and even conduct COVID-19 tests.

Many schools and school districts will require a negative test in order for your child to return to school after showing one or more symptoms of COVID-19.

Safe At-Home COVID-19 Testing with Remedy

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you need to schedule a virtual visit for a quick evaluation and testing recommendations. Video visits are available 24/7.
  • There are no restrictions for high-risk or pre-existing conditions.
  • Most major insurance and Medicare accepted.
  • Once testing is recommended, you’ll be able to schedule your at-home testing appointment (via house call).

When it looks like your child has multiple symptoms…for ANYTHING, Remedy will save your sanity. Book an appointment and enjoy care at home without the expense and wait time of an ER. More than one kiddo is showing symptoms? They’ll treat multiple family members in one house call!

Get your first visit with Remedy for FREE using Promo Code: DFWGO

Visit www.MyRemedy.com to learn more about how Remedy can care for you and your family.




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