Favorite Pumpkin Bread {That Kids Love Too!}


Oh, Dallas weather. 
Are you ever going to give us a real fall?

It’s the time of year where we’re being teased. A few days of chilly temps, but then it’s back to high temps. Ugh! It’s hard to feel excited about fall when I can’t wear long sleeves and boots without sweating. So I’ve had to find some other ways to get into the season. I’ve decorated the mantel with lots of pumpkins, and the house is stocked with three jars of candy corn. We’ve read books about pumpkins and completed a few fall art projects. I’ve even broken out our favorite soup recipes! But my favorite thing about welcoming the season is baking my favorite {super easy!} pumpkin bread. Y’all—it’s so easy. Here’s why… three ingredients!

See what I mean by easy?! It comes from my sister, and then I read on a blog last year to add the pumpkin pie spice. We’ve already made it twice this month, and I can’t wait to make it again. We’ve had it for breakfast {it goes great with my Pumpkin Spice Coffee!}, and the kids beg for it at snack time. I consider it “healthy” because of the pumpkin in it!

Easy as Pie Pumpkin Bread

I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as mine has. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to enjoy it with a cup of coffee curled up by the fire. C’mon Dallas weather! We’re ready for it to feel like fall!

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  1. Do you make the cake as directed on cake mix box.Then add the pumpkin pie & spice? It took longer to bake it .Was in oven for an hr.and still wasn’t done.

  2. Do you make the cake as directed on cake mix box? It took longer to bake/Was in oven for over an hr.and still didn’t get done.

  3. I’ve made this several times and thought I’d add pecans… Bad move it was so dry and horrible. Stick to the original recipe, it’s amazing!!!! Love it and thank you for sharing it!


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