Fashion Friday: Upstyle Your Wardrobe!


Inspired by our sister moms over at the Quad City Moms Blog, we’ve decided to start a new series called Fashion Fridays where we focus on mommy fashion topics.

First topic on the docket: “upstyling” your wardrobe.

We all know when we became moms, the only clothing shopping you really do these days comes in sizes 9 months and 4T.  There isn’t always a lot of money left to treat yourself like you used to in those fashionable pre-children days.

But who said you need to buy new clothes to feel like you have a new wardrobe?

A dear friend of mine, Carson Carney, is a closet consultant and taught me a genius closet trick: Take what you have in your closet and make it new again.  It’s called “upstyling”.

Example 1: Re-hem.

IMG_5061Do you have a few knee-length skirts or dresses that might need an update?  Carson had me take a stack of skirts and dresses to my favorite tailor to hack off six inches or more.  The result?  Look at my adorable “new” mini.  This skirt used to be a pencil skirt below my knees and rarely worn.




Example 2: Add a monogram.IMG_5044

Us Southern gals know monograms are especially the rage right now.  See this oxford?  It’s been in my closet since 2001.




IMG_5042I added a white pocket monogram last summer and the shirt is once-again a “go-to” staple.









Example 3: Add some flair.  

I was recently inspired by one of my favorite blogger’s post on adding ribbon to a simple cardigan.

Boring sweater from your closet:


New sweater in your closet:


There are a ton of ways to rethink your wardrobe and I even found whole Pinterest boards devoted to this concept.

PS Are you wondering what a “closet consultant” is?  My friend Carson Carney is the owner of a styling company called Melange (You can LIKE her Facebook page here) where she comes to your closet and gives you an honest opinion for the age-old “keep” or “throw” question. Emily duQuesnay Closet Consultants, Stolz Image, and Amy Havins from Dallas Wardrobe are just a few of the other closet consulting companies around Dallas.


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