Family Theme Park Fun: Six Flags Over Texas


No matter how long you have been with your partner, they still have the ability to surprise you with unknown facts about themselves.  For me, it was almost nine years into our relationship that my husband shared with me that he had never been to Six Flags Over Texas.  How he made it his whole life living in the Dallas area without going I couldn’t understand, but I knew I needed to change that!  It had obviously been at least nine years since I had been, so when a group of friends were going to during their annual Fright Fest, Jackson and I decided to join them.

We compared several options for tickets, but ultimately we ended up deciding to purchase season tickets. We are big on memberships, and as Shanna pointed out here, as with most annual memberships, it only takes a couple of visits to break even on the cost. I was counting on us having so much fun the first time that we would want to visit again, and luckily I was right! Since I hadn’t been in so long, I was worried it would be run down or old but I was surprised to see that while you can tell it is an older park, it doesn’t feel aged.

When visiting Fright Fest, it was actually just the two of us but the whole time we were thinking how much fun our daughter would have if she was with us. Well, we went to Holiday in the Park recently with her and had a blast. My daughter is a very small two year old, 33 inches and 25 pounds, so I was worried that she wasn’t going to be able to ride on many things but was pleasantly surprised at how many options we had to ride things together, and several she was able to go on her own.

We found that Looney Tunes Land had the most rides with most of them requiring an adult to ride with the child, but I didn’t mind because we had as much fun as she did. In fact, some of them scared me more than it did her! My daughter is a daredevil though and even the rides that took us really high and dropped us quickly didn’t even phase her on a scare level, just pure fun.

I was a little disappointed in the official map Six Flags provides. It lists next to each ride description the minimum height and then will mention a height and say that it was ok if with a guardian, but they don’t list if there is an additional minimum height required to ride with one. We spent a lot of time walking around looking for the rides that noted they could ride with a parent only to find out the minimum height was 36 inches.

Overall though, we had a ton of fun as a family. We spent around 4 hours total at the park and because it is off season, the longest wait was no more than 10 minutes. With us having season passes, we didn’t feel the need to rush around and do everything because we knew if we missed something this time around, we could just do it next time which I think made the trip feel more enjoyable. We are already planning our next trip to Holiday in the Park, hopefully with some other adults so we can switch off and ride some of the adult only rides-though I know my fearless child will be jealous!

If you visit Holiday in the Park at Six Flags this season, make sure to plan your trip ahead of time by visiting their website! With awesome kid-friendly fun like Frosty’s Snow Hill, Honky Tonk Christmas, and Parade of Trees, there’s something for kids of all ages! 

Need more fun things to do with kids in Dallas? Don’t miss our monthly event guides, full of family-friendly events and activities right in your area!



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