Family Friendly Halloween/Fall Events


As a new parent, I still have a few years until I have to worry about my children wanting to dress up as mummies or witches. For now, Kyler is perfectly content being a pumpkin or lion. But I can’t help but notice the controversy that seems to surround this seemingly harmless “holiday”. If we let our children celebrate Halloween, are we somehow teaching them to worship evil? Am I only a good parent if we partake in “Fall Festival” activities that don’t include scary villains and goblins? What are your thoughts on Halloween and how much we should expose our children to?

To let you in on what my family chooses to do, we will be taking Kyler around to our friends’ houses, dressed up as a little lion, and gathering as much candy as possible for mom (and baby #2) and dad to enjoy. He is still way too young to know what’s going on or care. As our children get older and are more influenced by the excitement surrounding Halloween, we plan on letting our kids participate in the fun. However, we will be talking through the difference between the types of costumes, movies, and activities that are representative of things that are contrary to our beliefs.

Whether you choose to celebrate Halloween or just the beauty of fall, here are some family-friendly activities around Dallas to do with your kids this year:

  • Autumn at the Arboretum– Enjoy the beautiful displays of pumpkins and fall foliage around the 66 acres of the Dallas Arboretum. Kids can enjoy mazes, pumpkin searches, scavenger hunts, music and more. There will even be trick-or-treating the weekend of Halloween.
  • Owens Big Orange Pumpkin Farm– Kids will love picking out their own pumpkin from the Owens Spring Creek Farm. They can also enjoy playing in the bales of hay and seeing a variety of animals.
  • Halloween Nights at the Dallas Zoo– Visit the zoo in the evenings from Oct. 27-29 for special, non-scary, Halloween activities and trick-or-treating. Don’t forget the costumes!
  • Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch–  Not only is this a great pace to pick out your perfect carving pumpkin, there are tons of activities for little ones including face painting, hayrides, mazes, bounce houses and more.
  • After Dark in the Park This Halloween celebration takes place the weekend of Oct. 7-9 at the River Legacy Living Science Center in Arlington. This annual festival includes family fun activities such as karaoke, storytelling under the stars, walk on the wild side, hayrides, and a variety of games and more.
  • Victorian Halloween Festival and Craft Fair at the Heritage Farmstead Museum– A one day event in Plano on Oct. 23 featuring live music, story telling, pumpkin patch, wagon rides, trick-or-treating and of course, crafts.
So what will you be doing this Halloween? Or will you be celebrating with a Fall Festival? Any other family activities you like to do around this time of year?



  1. We celebrate Halloween the way you do, but it’s also a very controversial topic in our family. My step kids’ mother celebrates the holiday the exact opposite, so unfortunately, their dad and I are often times seen as no fun. It makes me feel guilty every year but I know I have to be consistent and stand by what I believe. Thanks for offering fun activities around Dallas! We will definitely be checking them out.


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