Family-Friendly Food Spots in San Antonio


SanAntonioSeries2I couldn’t wrap up my series on a San Antonio weekend without addressing one of the most difficult tasks of vacationing with a toddler: tackling the big question 3 times a day. . .Where should we eat? 

Is it family-friendly? Will my child(ren) like the food? How expensive is it? Will my child(ren) embarrass me? 

Okay, so I can’t help you with that last one, but I can help you solve the restaurant situation!

If you plan on making the trip to San Antonio, here’s a few restaurant suggestions that will guarantee you a pleasant evening and a full and satisfied stomach. And if you don’t believe me (the tourist), I’ve also gotten a few suggestions from Brooke, a local expert in child wrangling and San Antonio cuisine. (She also happens to be one of the co-founders to the newly launched Alamo City Moms Blog!)

Looking for BBQ?

Augie's BarbedWire
Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse

Try Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse! Located on N. St. Mary’s this no-frills BBQ joint is, hands down, has some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had. Sliced sausage, pulled pork, chopped beef; it’s all moist and flavorful! When you arrive, it’s line style ordering, served on disposable plates and don’t be surprised if you end up having to sit outside on their covered patio. There’s only about 20 tables inside, and they’re usually full. But don’t worry, there’s ceiling fans and often live music! If you decide to check out Augie’s, make sure to head there early because they close at 3 and when it’s gone, it’s gone! 

Brooke recommends Two Bros. BBQ Market on West Ave. Another true to Texas BBQ restaurant where all the meat is smoked over oak and the desserts are home made! They were also voted “Best Kid-Friendly Dining” in 2009 because of their outdoor play area!

Craving Mexican/Tex-Mex?

I chose wisely for this pick because Brooke suggested the same place! For our weekend in San Antonio, my little family headed to Rosario‘s on S. Alamo just five minutes south of Downtown. They’re often on a wait, but this deceptively large restaurant does a great job of rotating tables. It’s often usually very lively with a band playing in the restaurant, so don’t worry if your kids get a little loud…no one will hear them!

For very toddler-friendly, head to La Gloria Icehouse by Chef Johnny Hernandez near the Pearl Brewery north of Downtown. Sounds expensive, but it’s not! Their lunch menu ranges between $7-$12 per person, and a little more at dinner time. It sits right on the San Antonio River and is a great place to feed the ducks or take a walk after dinner.

Need Something a Little Different?

The Guenther House

We went off the beaten path and had an amazing breakfast at The Guenther House, attached to the still-running Pioneer Flour Mill. There was a beautiful outdoor patio with an occasional visit by a duck that was perfect for entertaining our toddler. Make sure to try the Biscuits and Gravy or delicious Buttermilk pancakes, both made from the mill’s fresh flour! It was a great meal before heading out on the road Monday morning!

The locals will highly recommend Chris Madrid’s. They’re known for making some of the best burgers in the world…which is a pretty big statement but they were voted by City Search as the Best Burger for 7 years in a row!

Do you have a daughter? Think about taking her to the Madhatter’s Tea House & Cafe! They’re open for breakfast, lunch and tea service. Although we have only boys, Brooke promises it’ll make any princess’s day.

Dinner on the Riverwalk?

Spending a little time on the Riverwalk is another San Antonio must if you’re a tourist!

Be aware. There’s a reason San Antonio residents avoid the area. Most of the Riverwalk restaurants are touristy and pricey (because they can be), but the Riverwalk at night is beautiful and great for people watching!

If you’re going to eat here, make sure to come prepared for wait. Most restaurants don’t take reservations or call aheads, and there’s usually a 30-45 minute wait time (at the least) on the weekends unless you’d like to eat before 6pm.

Restaurants I can highly recommend Las Ramblas in the Hotel Contesa ($20-30/plate) for a nicer more sophisticated meal, and Casa Rio ($15-25/plate), established in 1946 and one of the oldest restaurants on the Riverwalk.

These are definitely not all the places you can dine in San Antonio, but these are the ones I can recommend through either experience or personal recommendations.

For more great information on visiting San Antonio, make sure to visit the website for great hotel and attraction savings, and check out the newly launched Alamo City Moms Blog for the local moms’ take on places to visit in San Antonio!


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What are your favorite places to eat when visiting San Antonio?


  1. We were there (with a 3 yr old & baby) too! I should send you another list of recs to do in SAT with a toddler. 🙂


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