A Family Christmas Must-See at The Dallas Theater Center


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Dallas Theater CenterI’m a person that has always enjoyed going to plays, seeing art on stage and enjoying the hard work that goes into producing a play. I’ve seen plays that have been all themes and production styles. I didn’t even know what to expect as I had never seen A Christmas Carol in a play form but was intrigued by the idea. I headed to Dallas Theater Center with an open mind, ready to experience one of my passions in life: stage plays.  After you see A Christmas Carol at Dallas Theater Center, it will definitely become one of your family’s favorite holiday traditions!

if you are looking for a great show of entertainment AND wanting to feel the Christmas spirit, this is your show!

Let’s start at the end and I will work my way backwards. Leaving this play, I not only felt a sense of compassion and joy, but I felt the essence of Christmas injected into my conscious ready to celebrate the season. I would say that if you are looking for a great show of entertainment AND wanting to feel the Christmas spirit, this is your show!

The experience at Dallas Theater Center

Sitting in the intimate atmosphere of the Dallas Theater Center for the first time, I felt like I was a part of the play. Sounds, light, people, and surprises were coming from all over! The surround-sound experience elevated this play to one of the best I had ever seen in my life. The actors in A Christmas Carol were both talented and captivating in a very personal way. Ebenezer Scrooge’s character convinced me up close that he was both grumpy and changed through his experience on the stage. His character brought to life thoughts that each of us needs to explore. Art was happening before my very eyes. I have always felt that true art inspires and reproduces well in the hearts of those it encounters.

A Christmas CarolA special holiday challenge

The Christmas theme was hidden at first and somehow the beginning was darker than I expected. That darkness I found was simply a part of a beautiful masterpiece being created on stage as the light and darkness danced together to create an experience we all will remember. I not only hope you go to see it, I hope you will bring your entire family and I hope you will remember to complete the challenge issued at the end.

As we were walking out, my husband said to me, “Babe, wait, I want to do that thing they asked”. That is how I knew this show not only touched me, but touched all of us.

If I had to give you one thing that really set it apart, it would be a mixture of the production of the show, the talent of the cast and intimacy of the environment. Those three things created magic in art form. It was beautiful and I’m grateful to share with you that A Christmas Carol runs through December 29, 2019, and you too can experience the joy of A Christmas Carol.

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