Fall Fashion Must-Haves for 2020


Fall fashion must-haves for this year certainly will put your closet to the test! 

Will I be working from home? 

Will we be going out for dinner? 

Can we have a party with our friends? 

So many questions! No matter what your fall social or work calendar has planned, these important fall must-haves will get you through the season! 

Fall Fashion Must-Haves:

Animal print

Animal print jumps out as the main must-have item for fall 2020. You can wear it at work, you can wear it at home, or you can wear it out to dinner. Without a doubt, leopard print is taking priority in stores but I’ve also seen every print all the way up to giraffe print. Here are some of my favorite animal print pieces; including accessories!

  • Every Mama needs this sweatshirt! I’m dying to wear this once temps drop!
  • I can’t wait to use this clutch for a date night or girls’ night out! And it’s personalized!
  • This dress would be great with a denim jacket and boots!

There’s no doubt that we will be spending much more time at home this fall so your loungewear options are just as important as your options for leaving the house. Your fall closet MUST contain comfy pajamas and some leggings to wear whether you’re working from home or spending time with your family outside! 

  • I just got this super soft PJ set!
  • These leggings are great for running, shopping, or taking a vacation!

{Looking for more fall fashion?}

Graphic tees

Graphic tees are a great way to show off your personality and can really jazz up your fall closet! They work great paired with skinny jeans on date night or with a cute skirt for the office. Girls’ night out? Throw on a leather jacket. Office zoom call? Add a cute black blazer. The choices are endless and feature anything from rock bands to TV shows to fun phrases. Here are a few I have and wear! 

  • I wore this shirt on a weekend trip and paired it with a jean jacket!
  • Next up on my list of purchases is this tee featuring a quote from Yellowstone, my new favorite series!

I love to wear hats year-round and fall is no different. I’m always rocking some kind of hat, such as baseball hats or fedoras, depending on the season and weather! (Also, am I out of dry shampoo??) I own these and think they make a great fall must-have! 


Kimonos are a fall must-have and depending on the fabric and print, you can wear them in any season. For fall, look for more bold, jewel tones in a heavier fabric. Pair with your favorite pants for work or with a tank and bell-bottom jeans for evening. Throw one over your pajamas for a zoom work call! 

  • I die over this printed kimono!
  • So easy to dress this kimono up or down
Politically inspired T-shirts

Are you interested in the election but not political? The 2020 election is going to be one of the most highly contested elections in recent history. You’re just not sure who you’re going to vote for yet? No problem. These options show your humorous side but also tell others that you are interested in the political process. 


Raise your hand if you thought masks were going to be a fall must-have for your closet in 2020!? Just because we have to wear masks everywhere we go doesn’t mean that they have to be boring or plain. Masks give you a perfect opportunity to show off your individual personality and I found a couple on Etsy that I love and can’t wait to wear to work. Here they are-

Whether you are a low-key mama or a night-out mama, every closet will benefit from these great fall pieces! Mix up your patterns and don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know who you might inspire to change up their own wardrobe! 


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