Encouragement from a (semi)Recovered Picky Eater


Encouragement picky eater

I will probably always remember this dinner from a few years ago.  I was married but no kids yet, and my husband and I went out to eat with my parents.  My food arrived and my dad looked at it skeptically. “Is that what you ordered?” “Yup.” “Okay…” And then later, “Dana, you finished everything!” “Yes, Daddy…”

It was grilled lemon chicken with broccoli and squash.

You see, I used to be the child who had a very limited palate.  I was selective, if you will, about what I would consume.  I had strong feelings about many foods, especially vegetables.

Yes, I was a picky eater.

I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for thirteen years of school, with the exception of some time in junior high where I tried ham and cheese subs.  For breakfast I ate pancakes or waffles.  Every day.  My vegetable list consisted of green beans, corn, potatoes, and carrots (and some of those aren’t even considered vegetables).  Oh, and for awhile when I was very little I would only eat the insides of green beans…?  My mom and I just talked the other night about the habit of eating bread with every meal, which we started because she had a hard time getting her picky diabetic child to consume the recommended carbohydrates.  And there’s no telling how many meals she customized for us, leaving sauces or ingredients out in order to get us to eat.

Other than being a creature of habit, my biggest problem was is stubbornness.  I once told my husband I didn’t like chicken fried steak.  He asked why? “I just don’t.” “Have you tried it?” “Well…” So thanks to him I now usually at least try things before refusing them and I’ve learned lots of things really aren’t so bad!

I will never be a foodie, and although I still like what I like, and it’s usually simple things that small children also enjoy, I will willingly eat green vegetables, try things I’ve never heard of, and not rule things out just because they look funny.

So take heart, momma.  That little angel with the big blue eyes and the stubborn set to her mouth will one day eat that squash, even if she may never like peas.  (And she may end up with a similarly hard headed son who needs feeding therapy, so you can always hope for karma.)

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Born and raised in Dallas, Dana left only temporarily for college in Abilene. There she found a husband, Louis, and dragged him back to Dallas as quickly as she could! She used to call teaching 5th grade science her passion, but now her focus revolves around Carter (Nov. 2012) and Carrie (Apr. 2015), as well as her fur babies, Sadie Jo and Griffey Girl. She is still working in education as a Co-Director of a preschool, and fills whatever space is left with reading, baking, church activities, eating Mexican food, shopping, and snuggling in front of the tv with her husband!


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