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This August our family hit a new (and kind of scary) milestone — Kindergarten. We’re now 5 weeks in and I have to admit, while I was given some very helpful tips that have definitely eased this transition, no amount of reading could have prepared me for the parenting challenge it would become. While the school has been great in gradually moving the kids into all of these new responsibilities (No homework until January!), there are so many other types challenges we’re facing on a daily basis. Adjusting to a new (much earlier) wake-up schedule. Long days of learning that can hurt anyone’s brain. Social stigmas and the fear of making new friends.  And yes, even parent drama already! 

If I’m feeling overwhelmed as a mom, I don’t understand how my 5 year old, introverted, little boy is doing this every single day. What we’ve found to be most helpful is to spend the first hour after school just letting him unwind, unload, and sometimes offload onto me. We grab a snack and watch his favorite show on the couch, and then grab all of his brothers and head out into the backyard to get some energy out! 

springfree-trampoline-1What he doesn’t realize, is that when Mommy sends him outside to go “jump” on our Springfree Trampoline, he’s actually reinforcing what he’s been learning at school without the need to sit at the table and do worksheets or drills. 

This past April, Springfree Trampoline launched the “first outdoor interactive digital gaming system” called tgoma. tgoma is a system that attaches to any current Springfree Trampoline and works with any Android tablet or iPad. Through a simple install and app download, tgoma uses sensors on the trampoline pad to allow you to play games by jumping around your trampoline and puts a little fun into educational games!  

The tgoma system isn’t just another way to plug kids in. While it does use a tablet, the tgoma transforms the entire trampoline into an interactive gaming system. Think the fun of Dance Dance Revolution, but outside! 

Originally when we first installed our trampoline, the boys loved playing simple, silly games like Stickers, Fruitants, and Alien Stomp, but now that school is back, we’re incorporating more of the educational games and they don’t even realize they’re practicing valuable skills. Kind of like sneaking vegetables into your kid’s smoothie; they never know what hit ’em! 

Math Hopper


Right now the big focus in Kindergarten is math and making sure kids know their numbers (both number and word form), know how to reach that number, and happens when you add or take away pieces of that number. Parents: That’s right! Your kids are learning basic algebra in Kindergarten! Springfree Trampoline’s Math Hopper helps will all of these basic math skills.

Anyone can play with Math Hopper because the rules are simple. You set the level, and the game will ask you a series of counting or algebra related questions. Early jumpers may be asked “How Many?”” where as older jumpers might be asked to multiply or divide. Using the tgoma gaming system sensors you’ll be able to bounce your answer or jump to the correct answer on the pad. 

repeat-street-springfree-trampolineRepeat Street

If you’re really needing to help let the kids release a little energy, give Repeat Street a try! This is a holistic app designed for early jumpers that incorporates reading, counting, colors, and shapes. What makes this game unique is the “main character”! The rabbit encourages kids to join in on the fun by jumping. When you stop jumping, he stops moving! 

In addition to educational games, Springfree Trampoline’s tgoma offers a variety of high-energy games and fitness appsthat lets Mom and Dad get in on the fun too while also getting fit! 

If you’re looking to add a new form of education and entertainment to your backyard, stop by the Springfree Trampoline demonstration booth at the State Fair of Texas through October 23rd (located inside Coliseum Marketplace)!  It’s a fun way for you to explore options for your backyard, and give the kids a break from walking!

Not visiting the Fair this year? You can stop by the Springfree Trampoline’s interactive demonstration stores in Frisco, Plano, or Southlake anytime of year and give the tgoma a try! The tgoma can be added on to your existing Springfree OR the tgoma now comes with any Springfree Trampoline purchase.

Visit Springfree Trampoline’s website for more details! 


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